Design Thinking – Gateway for creating a Culture of Innovation in an organisation

Before we look at what Design thinking means, let us look at some definitions to get a clear understanding on some terms that are commonly used in the industry linked to innovation. All these terms are interchangeably used within organisations in many ways

“Idea”  An idea is a creative thought to build something new for a need / challenge / problem.

“Invention”  A creative solution being introduced for the first time for a for a need / challenge / problem, normally based on an idea.

“Improvement”  Optimization or extension of something existing with a lesser degree of newness.

“Innovation” – Implement something new that creates a significant impact and brings benefits to an organisation and/or society. It can be new or significantly improved product or service or a new process or a new organisational method which becomes a good practice to follow at the workplace.

“Design Thinking” is a highly creative problem-solving approach that builds on concepts and ideas leading to the creation of innovative solutions for enduring problems. Understanding customers and their needs is very important for innovations to happen in this fast-paced digital space. Design Thinking brings in the human centric angle as it puts the customer directly in the centre of the innovation process.  

“Design Thinking” helps build a culture of innovation as it provides employees with opportunities to share their ideas and turn them into reality. Both employees and the organisation benefit from the process, which results in high quality products and services, and creates an environment in which employees can grow and make significant contributions. This, in turn, enables organisations to improve workforce engagement, retain employees and attract top talent.

 “Most people think design thinking is about how things look, but it’s about how they work” – Steve Jobs.

“Design Thinking” helps organizations to understand their customers and engage with them continuously to redesign products, services and processes. Design Thinking can also be used to revamp an existing product or business process which needs reinvention after understanding the problem.

The most innovative organisations in the world have managed to embed “Design Thinking” as a part of the organisation's DNA. The process is highly collaborative involving different stakeholders from various departments. It goes with the philosophy that every employee of the organisation has the potential to come up with creative ideas and contribute to the problem-solving process which is a very important factor for creating a Culture on Innovation.

 WinSpire Learnings has a well-defined framework for implementing “Design Thinking”.

WinSpire Learning’s workshop on “Human Centric Approach to Design Thinking” helps participants and organisations understand and embrace the "Design Thinking Mind-set". When applied in the right way it will help to find solutions for customer needs / challenges / problems across diverse areas and industries from IT to Manufacturing to Healthcare to Hospitality to Education.

Understand the different steps involved in the Design Thinking process and get a hands-on experience applying the different tools, techniques creating a well-defined problem statement, re-framing the problem, brainstorming for solutions, prototyping testing; and implementing the most practicable solution.

Embrace design thinking and make it a part of your organisations strategy to be more innovative, better differentiate your products and services, and bring new products and services to market faster.

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