It is a well-known fact that every human being is exceptional. Every individual has their own set of characteristics that sets them apart. The world continues to fill up with people who, having recognized their talents put all their efforts in utilizing them to make a name and a future for themselves.
They are the celebrities shining bright in the limelight, often with their faces appearing in media in every city and every country and every continent. They are the billionaires whose fortune makes them more powerful than presidents. It is important to note that these people are not necessarily the most educated people.
Of course, education is important. It is the main source of enlightenment world over. Sometimes education is the only thing that stands in the way of someone’s success even when they are highly talented.
Just because someone has trouble cramming formulas and world histories doesn’t mean they are any less intelligent than the rest. Albert Einstein said, “Everybody is intelligent. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
In our country i firmly believe the basic education is covered by 10th or max by 12th. Rest of the education just adds on piling up the certificates. All the other industries had recognized the importance of talent like entertainment industry, even the politics however working class is still struggling with the burden and cliche of degree requirement.

We have grown from old age handwritten letter to emails to whatsapp, however we still keep prime parameter to judge someones caliber as the degree he/she holds, that's ironic and never ever giving chance to person to showcase his learning's over the years of experience and if that suits the requirement.

I personally have trained thousands of people who were B.Tech and M.Tech in IT but hardly knows the basic of computers but on the same hand a 12th pass person is pro. We will not deny the fact that if anything goes wrong with our vehicle we will trust a roadside less educated mechanic over an Automobile engineer. That's the essence of experience.
Its Irony of our country that in order to get a basic job you need to be a graduate however you can become a politician and work (or pretend to work) being an illiterate. You can become minister but you are not eligible to be a basic employee. Why this dual face of our system? At one instance we prefer degree and at another even basic education is not required.
I have observed this unfortunate trend to be practiced with full enforcement only in India where if you don't have the required degree your experience and talent doesn't even stand a chance. You will not even be considered for a simple intro call where at-least you can talk about the talent, On the other hand if you have degree and you know how to play with words you will land-up being an employee forget about the talent.
Its high time that relevant departments should direct the companies to take an example of companies like google or facebook where your talent/ experience speaks for you.
I know at first glance it seems ill-logical to you but if you check with the current situation and struggle talented people have to go thru who dint have a degree for name sake, picture will be clear.

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