For any enterprise to grow . Grow does not by any chance means growth only Top line( revenues)  or bottom line(Profits). 

Growth means Growth in People, Creativity and Innovation by the people , Improvement in performance, Customer acquisition, Customer retention, Improvement in productivity cycle and many more aspects of business, which in turn results is consistent growth of enterprise in top line and bottom line. 

Many of my fellow entrepreneurs get engrossed and get emotionally attached with products and they feel that the product is the only one thing that can take the enterprise to scale-able model. However the fact is most of the enterprises fail due to the lack of culture, despite of having a  wonderful product. 

So how do we build culture in enterprise ? 

People People and People .YES only People who grow the enterprise ,so the People are the onces who build the culture of enterprise and leader plays the most important role in building the culture . Its is process and a journey.

Leaders should invest in People who in-turn will deliver the desired product and result.  Each person working with an enterprise should "believe" that he or she is a part of the enterprise and a equal stake holder on all the aspects for the growth of enterprise. Learning and development should be continuous process not just on the domain that he or she is working but learning and development for the other aspects of the enterprise too, so that the vision and horizon of thoughts of an individual expands beyond his or hers job role.

A collaborative approach which might be slow in reflecting the results but build a solid foundation for enterprise.

Empowering right person with a proper authority will reflect  in to marvelous results.

People associated with you which means Internal and external both i.e team, employees, advisers ,mentors and vendors,  suppliers most important customers should also believe in your in what you are doing ,they should be your spokes person in the community .

Building Culture its a journey and a process .Today we are expecting instant gratification or results however which is against nature . Nature says give time,  a seed takes few months to become a plant and few years to grow as a tree so as your enterprise will take time to build culture for which every day counts. 

Vinay Joshi


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