Crossing Hurdles - From Employee to Entrepreneur

Almost every alternate day, I bump into some one who is an employee and
has an idea of next big thing on Internet. I feel very happy that there
are so many people these days thinking of making it big on the Internet.
On other side, I feel sad to see that not all of those brilliant ideas
come to an existance.

I started wondering why does it happen so and realized there are many hurddles one need to cross before the
transformation from an Employee to an Entrepreneur! Few of those hurdles
  • Not sure of the feasibility of the idea.
  • Not sure if such an idea already exists.
  • If doesn't exist, why anyone has not created it so far?
  • How scalable the idea is from its revenue point of view?
  • How to Test (survey, trial-run) the idea on the grounds?
  • Not sure where to find resources require to dry-run (test) such idea?
  • Whom should I talk about this idea to refine it from real business point of view? (brain-storing)
  • Who can develop it with quality services and keeping the scalability in mind, so that enhancement of such ideas should not cost a fortune.
  • And the list continues...
So, there are ample hurdles in the way and many ideas die on the way and
never make it to the Finish line.

What if, there is an "Incubation Factory" where everyone can discuss their ideas with
experienced and experts in the industry and see if they are really
feasible and make sense? Then same factory will provide all the
resources and expert guidance to dry-run the idea on the grounds to
check on success possibilities. Well its not only the guidance but the
resources are also made available at a reasonable cost to develop the
web portal and market it too. Thus you get Consultation + Resources +
Development all at one place, which increases the possibility of

Come forward and try out your ideas !! Every Idea is at least worth giving a try!

Incubation Factory - by RB Web Services Pvt. Ltd.

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