Choose Your Customers wisely : Marketing Strategy

The First Step to your Marketing Strategy Choosing Your Customers

It seems obvious, right? Each group of customers has a particular worldview, a number of problems, a small set of possible solutions available. Each client has a price you’re willing to pay, a story that they are willing to listen, a time period in which you are willing to invest, to solve your problem or to achieve what you want.

Yet very often, we take our product or service first, we tried to make it look perfect and then we launched. Sure the audience will buy it immediately.

For example, a real estate agent must choose what type of buyer before going to buy business cards, renting an office or get listed. The yoga instructor, corporate trainer, the developer of the application, in all cases first you should find out who would like to do business with you, then go and develop their product just for that niche, the more specific be the best.

Here I share 6 tips to choose your customers or your market niche:

1. Competencies and skills.

First determine what strengths, skills, talents and resources. If you are an entrepreneur, this applies to you as a person. If you have a business, do the analysis for the company as an entity that already has its own life and is offering products and services.


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