Its been some time we have been working on the new release of BootStrapToday (Version 3.0). Main focus for this iteration was user experience and performance. BootStrapToday is developed in python and django, so we did explore some technologies which would fit in our current framework. In the end we shortlisted two option emberjs and knockoutjs, did some prototypes and finally decided to go with knockoutjs. You can check our blog article on the challenges and what made us finally go with knockoutjs here (Emberjs Vs Knockoutjs) . 

Today we have finally released BootStrapToday V3.0 Alpha based on the new framework. We are really excited and happy the way the whole architecture has come out. We will be sharing in detail on technologies, challenges and our experiences soon on our blog. 


Please check out more detail on our new release and a video link to get you started here (BootStrapToday V3.0 Alpha Released)


Now its time for beer. :)

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Comment by Anand Agarwal on May 5, 2012 at 12:57pm

Thanks Vishwa 

We will make sure, we continuously keep adding value to your business. Now we are adding automation and intelligence in BootStrapToday, which will help you detect bugs earlier and ultimately reduce your software development cost.



Comment by Vivek Garg on May 5, 2012 at 12:53pm

Congrats Anand for this new release.

It has much better UI and performance is also better as compared to the last one which we were using.

eventNu is now more structured/ productive and I can manage things in better way now.



Founder eventNu

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