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4 Hobbyist Entrepreneurs from Pune shared their passionate story of pursuing their dreams and creating a business around their hobbies. Sparkpluggers Innovation Lab hosted a stellar chai-pe-charcha with Hobby Entrepreneurs from Pune. The entrepreneurs shared their story of pursuing their hobbies, the challenges they faced and the story of convincing people around them to pursue their dreams. The discussion was hosted at MuziClub Baner, an apt location for a discussion with passionate entrepreneurs.


The participants first networked over chai and snack with fellow attendees and had an opportunity to click images with photo props as a part of a contest hosted by Sparkpluggers. Post networking the panel discussion started by introducing sparkpluggers, the moderator and the panelist. The panelist comprised of 4 different kinds of hobby entrepreneurs.  The panel was moderated by Mr. Anil Pillai founder Terragni Consulting and the panel constituted of following entrepreneurs:


  1. Mr. Sandiip Soparrkar: Founder, Ballroom Studio, official judge for various reality shows
  2. Ms. Aditi Deo: Founder, The Doodle Factory
  3. Mr. Vidur Mehmi: Founder HappyFeet FA
  4. Mr. Devinder Chahal: Co-Founder


The discussion was started by the stories of each entrepreneur, followed by answers to questions like how important is formal education and importance of support system to pursue ones dreams.


Learning from the discussion:

  1. Hobbies start with curiosity and there is always an informal method of learning. A hobbyist entrepreneur need to continuously learn and develop their skills
  2. Hobby entrepreneurs need to be involved in their hobbies and give it a lot of time. They need to bring it to certain level from where they have developed certain command over it. For this an individual must always keep investigating themselves and skill parameter of their hobby
  3. It is important for your loved ones and other people to support you in your endeavor. However even if they don’t align right from the start, over a period of time they come around.
  4. Hobby entrepreneurs are never working yet they are busy doing something and get paid for it
  5. Apart from India the world is full of artists. In India we allow hobbies to be developed only till certain extent
  6. Hobby entrepreneurs need to first satisfy themselves. They are first their own clients and only do what they are best at
  7. Scaling up of hobbies is always a challenge; however it also depends on nature of the hobby. One needs to start putting down process to imagine a company beyond you as a hobby entrepreneur. Always try to build a bigger goal around your hobby.
  8. Pricing of hobby services is as simple as how much would I pay for a service like this. If the costs are not justified to you, don’t charge it to your customers
  9. Bootstrapping for hobbyist is always easy as your services are the biggest cost, which come free. The challenge lies in scaling them up.
  10. Make your hobby your business. If the business doesn’t work, one is atleast left with their hobby to pursue.    


Like always the discussion was ended on a note where the participants wished to listen to more. However sparkpluggers promises to organize and showcase entrepreneurs from Pune and their stories for everyone in near future.

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