Advantages Of Project Management In The Cloud


The Project collaboration tool is SaaS based in the cloud computing domain. The collaboration tool is becoming the major resource because it is subscription and web based over the internet. The major advantage of SaaS product is that it reduces the complexities in an organisation, complexities which can be related to hardware, software as well as technology. There are other advantages also those are found common are:-

  • Easier Scalability, this means it is easy to track the organisation growth and its expansion, also without investment.
  • Applicable in all verticals, it means that it is not technology dependent nor depends on the type of business; we can implement collaboration in any domain.
  • Cost and time, Companies need not to pay for setting up hardware, software and other resources. Now they only have to pay for the service they are using on subscription basis.

There are some great features those add value to the project collaboration platform Managing multiple projects, ticket management and access controls for each project and also managing documents online with back up, task tracking with time, creating invoices, generation of reports.

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