Achieve Complete Digital Transformation with HTML to PDF Conversion

Most of the businesses are going through digital transformation. Digital transformation is a need of today’s world. In order to gain success, it is very important to switch to a digital system. Whether you are a developer, product manager, IT Admin, CIO, CTO, or CEO; you should know this fact that digital transformation does not mean just only moving all your content on a digital database but in reality, it is much more than that.

Digital transformation is about implementing smart automation which fulfills the needs of your organization, your clients, and the end customers of the clients. In this article, we have defined a way by which you can achieve complete digital transformation. You can also streamline your workflow with the help of HTML to PDF conversion. You can get the perfect auditing capabilities by quickly converting HTML to PDF. No matter, either it is data-entry automation or form-filling capture; you can achieve all this through HTML to PDF conversion. Hence, this conversion process is very effective for gaining complete digital transformation. Moreover, you can also convert the PDF files in other formats by using the PDF converting tools like PPT to PDF converter can be used for generating PDF files from a PPT.

Why HTML to PDF conversion is required?

The question may have risen in your mind that why HTML to PDF conversion is required for digital transformation or why there is a need for converting the online data into PDF.

As we know that there is a lot of data present online such as the application, reports, forms, etc. Hence, all of this data can be made more effective by converting into PDF format. Here we have stated some facts which will help you to understand how you can increase the effectiveness of your content by converting it from HTML to PDF.

  • Reduce Labor Costs

There are many organizations that are hiring people for manual entry of data. The process of manual data entry is very hectic and time-consuming. Furthermore, a huge workforce is required for the process if there is a lot of data that is required to be converted from the online format. Hence, this process can result in an increased labor cost. The process may also create the bottleneck in the workflow sometime.

According to the research presented by, if one employee who is working at $20 dollars per hour spends one hour of every workday filling out forms or performing manual data entry, then in a year, it takes 250 hours that are spent in data entry and up to $6,000.

How the process of digital transformation can be streamlined?

We have got a solution for you. You can integrate different software programs such as DocGenius WebGrabber which can help you in extracting the data from the websites that are in HTML format and then converting them to PDF. Hence, it is an automated process that helps in maintaining a smooth digital workflow. It’s not only a quick and easy method but you can also keep a track of the whole process. Hence, you can monitor it easily. Furthermore, it has less probability of error. So, the process of HTML to PDF conversion helps in providing a better user experience by reducing the labor cost and error. It also reduces time and increases the efficiency of work. Therefore, by using this automated method, you can achieve a complete digital transformation.

  • Minimize human Errors and increase Effectiveness

One of the biggest flaws of the manual process is human error. The workflow process is affected a lot by corrupt or error-prone data. It also wastes time and costs money. Hence, the manual process is not trustworthy. The probability of error is reduced in the automated process. So, whether it is data entry, form-filling applications, or delivering invoices, the automated process is more streamlined and effective than the manual data entry method. No matter how dedicated the employee is still there is a high risk of errors.

  • Integrate Data

There are many companies that are still working with a paper-based system. According to, there are about 85% of business documents that are in paper form. However, many big companies have also moved to a new paperless system but the conversion process cannot be completed in days or months. It’s a continuous process that takes time.

However, the paper-based method leads to paper waste, human error and lost documents. Moreover, it is also time and energy-consuming. So, digital transformation is the best alternative. Hence, by deploying an HTML-to-PDF workflow process, companies can get data from different HTML or URL sources and can merge them into one PDF file. This is how the digital process can be achieved and streamlined for effective working.

  • Eliminate the cost of Material

The main purpose of the digital format is to save time, money, effort and also the environment. In a paper-based system, apart from the cost of paper reels, there are many other elements that contribute in increasing the cost such as the products related to paper. Along with the paper, other things are also required like printing materials, courier operations, ink, etc. Hence, it affects the budget of the organization.

By converting the HTML to PDF, you can save the constant need to print or mail the documents.  There are many online software tools available that can help you to convert your online data into PDF. You can invest in good conversion tools for saving the cost, time and energy. Is there anything better than that?

Apart from the conversion of online data, you can also convert the data that is saved on your computer but is not in PDF format. For example, if you want to generate a PDF file from excel document then you can use Excel to PDF converter for converting the files into PDF format. If you have any question related to the article, please feel free to ask in the comment box below:


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