A teleological approach to finding your purpose

Imagine looking at a chair for the first time ever. Never before has humanity ever seen such a piece of furniture.
Upon discovery, a group of us will carefully inspect the chair. We could try to put it to different uses – but finally, we will settle on using it as a sitting furniture. The form of the chair gives away the intent of its creator – the design gives meaning to the purpose of the chair. It invites you to sit on itself.
Teleology is looking at the purpose a phenomenon serves, rather than why something is so. You could argue that the chair was a random piece of wood that we stumbled into and decided to sit on. But a more elegant explanation is that the carpenter wanted to create something people can sit on – the design merely expresses the essence.
Let us bring this to yourself.
If a chair seems to be designed to sit, what were you designed for? The four legs of the chair, the back rest and the space to sit all fit into the human form neatly. Similarly, what would you ‘fit’ into? What would you say the Creator (or Nature) has intended through you?
You can look at the hints – just as a chair is of a height that you can sit on it with feet on the ground, and it has a back rest, you can look at your ‘features’.
What are the features embedded in you? Your unique talents and gifts? Your peculiar traits? Your experiences that are only yours? These are what create you – and have been a part of your life journey.
Working backwards, what would Life want such a person to do? What would such a person be ‘useful’ for, in the world? If the world has to be a different, a better place, what role would this unique person serve? What can you bring into the world in a way that very few others can?
Zoom out, so that you can see yourself and your life path. And from the view of Life, try and imagine what might be the teleological intent behind your creation.
Sometimes God doesn’t come and whisper in our ears what we must do with our life. Instead, we must step into Her perspective, and do the seeing.
Abhishek Thakore
The Blue Ribbon Movement
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