Business isn’t business. It is a belief. That is why you do it. I mean, that’s why you decide to ‘own’ it. Own your belief and make it grow in others around you. If entrepreneurs become businesspersons simply on the basis of how lucrative the business idea is, it doesn’t really go far. In cases that it doesn’t, you lose interest and desire and the business suffers a premature shutdown. In the times today, monopoly is short-lived idea. Don’t seek to trample the competition. See them as collaborators, because if the idea grows, so shall you. Bury the wisdom that thinks otherwise. One killing the other doesn’t help the ecosystem, it only harms. The ‘toughest shall survive’ is a western ideology, which sadly we have inherited not knowing the background. It works there since it is a developed economy. Entrepreneurism is evolved in that geography. Businesses are large and mighty already and on a global scale. Their ecosystem is vast. Their idea is to win the world, not win in the country. We do not have the same situation to relish. India is a growing and still-developing land. And if we have to be mighty and boisterous, and remain so for the longest time, it can’t be by killing the other fishes. In the sea, when the big fishes kill the small, it doesn’t disturb the ecosystem since it is vast and enormously reproductive. Imagine the same in a pond or a lake and you will know what I am telling. Remember, these are dynamic times for a country like ours and thus we must create energy for each other, not apathy.

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