5 ways to slice your content and make it last longer

I had mentioned as a part of my earlier blog, Now that you have developed Content, what next – all you need to know, that it is important to slice your content. But how do you go about doing that. I intend to cover that in this post.

Most of the marketing programs today run on content that has been generated. The content is generated, keeping in mind the potential customers and marketers spend hours of time trying to identify content ideas, that prospects will find it interesting and engaging. Without doubt, the toughest job is to create the original piece of content.

A lot of marketers are also to blame, as they do not use the content that they have created well enough to feed their marketing programs. Well come on, you cannot be generating that many pieces of fresh new engaging content every month. How does one make sure that they are able to use the content that they have generated effectively as a part of their marketing programs.

The answer is of course to slice the content into smaller pieces, which can be used as independent content pieces. Imagine a big birthday cake. Each piece of the cake is just as good as the original cake and it can make so many people happy. Exactly in the same way, it is possible to slice content and use it at different points of time in different marketing programs.

1)      Slice your white papers/webinars

You will spend significant efforts to put together that white paper or webinar content. Having generated the white paper, think about breaking the white paper into individual blog posts, LinkedIn article posts, create short podcasts from the ideas. Promote the ideas in different ways as a part of your social media posts


2)      Re-purpose your podcasts/videos

You have captured expert views over a podcast/video. Why not convert that to branded content that you can publish on your channel. You can also convert that to an article or blog post that can be posted and promoted on social media.


3)      Leverage email delivery

At a birthday party, you will take the cake out, but people will consume smaller slices, won’t they? Do the same way with content. As you deliver ideas to your potential customers, try and serve them small slices at a time. That way, your content lasts longer and your ideas stay with your potential customers better. Use email to drive the content slices that you have created to your target group


4)      Create curiosity for your big rock content

For a moment, consider the whole cake as the big rock content and continue handing out small slices. Through the small slices, keep generating curiosity about the big rock content and keep them coming back to you.


5)      Expire your content at the right time

Most importantly, continue to track all metrics across your promotions. If you feel that your content is not doing the job for you, be ruthless and make way for fresh content. Planning to use your content well is a good idea, but if performance numbers show otherwise, being ruthless and expiring that content makes better sense


Each of these suggestions can be done in multiple ways and can be tracked down to perfection to ensure success of your content programs. For details on how you can effectively manage content marketing across several marketing channels, kindly reach out to me or wait for my next articles in this series.

The author, Atul Dhakappa is a Founder & CEO at Xenia Consulting, a professional digital marketing firm. An avid marketer with 22+ years’ experience across corporates, MNCs and SMEs, Atul has helped several companies achieve their growth objectives by leveraging the right digital marketing channels. Across all engagements he has always believed in strong accountability and transparency delivering measurable value and business impact to customers.

Whether you are in the initial phase of your marketing strategy or an operational phase, Xenia Consulting can help ensure that you are consistently achieving business growth objectives.

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