5 ways to make math learning interesting for the child

Being a parent is not a walk in the park, especially if you are a parent of a growing child who has just started learning math. Parents have to instill the love for mathematics in children, as it is indeed necessary. Making the child understand the importance of mathematics in the early age is very crucial. Certainly, parents need to learn the knack of teaching mathematics to their children. As a parent, I have figured out certain ways to promote interest for the so called " most difficult subject” in my child.

1] Implant interest in math lessons early in life :

It is inevitable to learn additions, subtractions, divide and multiply and as soon as they are done, children will love it. The basic concepts of the subject lay the foundations of the work they are going to learn in later. You can plan the preschool lessons with some stories of shapes, patterns and numbers. Let your child learn math with the small things in the real world around us. 

2] Keep aside your dislikes and encourage the children when they show an interest in learning :

What if you really hated mathematics when you were a child? DO not mention this to your child. Younger ones are very eager and inquisitive and can grasp faster. Avoid talking negative about the subject in front of the kids as they can sense your insecurity and instead create a desire in them by making learning worksheets or some activities that relate to addition or subtraction

3] Playing games with children is a very good idea :

Memory games, puzzles, applying math problems can be fun for the child. Counting games can keep the child engaged, diverting his/her attention away from technology gadgets. Numerous math sites for kids can provide you with endless options. Remember: invest time in playing with your kid.

4] Flex the muscles

Yes, the mathematics needs a lot of practice and cannot be learned overnight. The subject and the activities related to it are the intellectual muscle building which plays a crucial part in developing the child and the family. Solving math worksheets at school can be a boring activity, but at home it can be very exciting provided they are encouraged and not assessed!

5] Homework

Let them do it on their own- Help the children to master the basic concepts. Encourage them to handle things on their own. Teach the concept again if they are not clear to the child and use learning worksheets or online tests to clarify the idea. Give them confidence that you are always accessible when they need your help. Mathtweets is an initiative to remove the stigma or a perception that people have for the subject and trust me, learning math was no fun till I knew about the Mathtweets module. The program is for everyone who wishes to take a structured journey along with their kids for the overall development of the concepts. The program is designed as per the level, age and ability and surely makes it a fun filled excursion in the world of math for children. I found the simple math worksheets really helpful. So, pull your socks and get ready for making your kid learn “the most interesting subject” in an easy way.

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Comment by sagar pandurang paithankar on April 15, 2015 at 7:19pm

Hi Vijay,

Thank you for sharing good information about Kids learning.  @ Ankush joshi you have need to learn this blog must.



Comment by Ankush Arun Joshi on April 15, 2015 at 5:37pm

I like the idea of Mathtweets and your way to make learning interesting for the child. It is really helpful.

Comment by Nitin Kisan Rothe on April 14, 2015 at 2:43pm

Nice encouraging and informative article.



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