5 Myths about Managing Funds for a Start-up

What is your excuse? If you are a wannabe entrepreneur, you certainly must have heard or read this question from the more aggressive advocates of Entrepreneurship. Aggressive or not aggressive, the truth is that although people understand the importance of Entrepreneurship they are still wary of taking the plunge and hence shield behind reasons – the excuses!

Shielding yourself does not really solve the problem. In fact it delays the process and increases the risk of the ‘Sword of Damocles’ falling on your head! The foremost reason that anyone states for not starting up always revolves around one’s financial situation. But financial situation may not be as big a hindrance as it is perceived. All you need to do is a financial analysis for yourself and figure out approximate time when you can start your entrepreneurial journey. Of course the hypothesis is that you have a concrete business model for starting out on your own. You can continue here : http://blog.bootstraptoday.com/

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