10 Simple strategies to leverage your network meetings

I know I am talking about a different subject  than typical subjects like startups, trainings etc.

But ultimately why everyone is here for, business , right ?

Whether you call it a profit making venture or an NGO , ultimately everyone has some goals and want some means to achieve those. I keep on meeting people everywhere and have a hobby (if you call it so) to watch & make notes.

I have observed in the local networks, while people come for networking (at least they say that) . Here  I wish to share very simple 10 things to get the most of these meetings :-

1.Carry your Visiting Cards in good Quantity

They have excellent products/ services , but many a times , don't carry their Visiting Cards. Where the hell the visitor will contact you ?

2. See your Contact Info is up-to-date

If at all they have, they may not have the correct addresses on them to reach them. Many a times , you will hear people saying "The address printed is my residential address, but I sit at XXXXX office" . The card is a Visiting Card, if the person in front of you wants to visit , where do you expect him to come ?

3.Get Introduced-Take the Initiative

At the beginning of meetings or after the meetings, they are very shy to get networked to. I do agree , we are not habituated to; but this is the place to learn, my dear ! Break your comfort zones. There is nothing wrong in asking somebody what he does & tell him what you do.

4.Do not underestimate "Cold" Leads

There are very smart net workers I observed, who do not have these limitations, but many of them just focus on "HOT" leads or "Important" contacts only. What about others ? Do you have systems by which you can keep in touch with the cold ones too ?

5. Automate the Follow ups

There are advance systems like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which offer you excellent sales automation, offered at a reasonable cost. Do take advantage of those. If not , use Google's Free tools like Task, Calenders etc.

6. Build Long Term Relationships with Email Newsletters

Email Marketing :- Smart Net-workers shoot an email after the visit is done, but frankly it is not sufficient at all. You should have a regularly scheduled newsletter and should offer them a link to sign up for that. If possible, offer it for free. This will prove you as an expert in your niche & you can even convert cold callers into customers in due course. Gmail or you regular email provider can be good to begin with; but use dedicated email marketing companies for newsletters.

7. Use QR Code

Little Advanced Strategy : QR Code :- Have you seen a code on many cards , a dotted code like the following in the image ? It is called as a "QR Code". There are few apps available on android which actually scan this code & take the reader to the website of the printer or to whatever web location.

Print the QR Code on your Visiting Cards so you can increase subscribers to your newsletter.

8. Give Helpful Tips during your turn to present

If you are offered an opportunity to tell about your product or service; DO NOT promote. Instead , offer a helpful tip on any aspect of your service, as to how it can help someone get through their problems. e.g. if you are a Dietician, give a tip on "Best Foods during the rains" etc.

9. Offer link where people can know more about you

That does not mean that you should not talk about yourself. Rather , at the end DO MENTION your web address or FB page & if possible show your QR Code to subscribe or "Like". Nothing wrong. Ultimately , thats why you are there for.

10. Meet all , schedule 1 to 1 with the most important

In the open networking , instead of talking to certain people in Depth; Focus on meeting everyone, understand what they do in brief & switch to the next one. Schedule 1 to 1 meetings with the most important you feel , there you can have more in-depth understanding

Hope I could give you reasonably good inputs; waiting for your comments. You can also subscribe to my newsletter :-

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Resources which I use for these :-

1. CRM :- I use PMAM CRM, a paid service ( Rs. 7,200/- per user per year)

2. Email Marketing :- Mailchimp (Free with certain limitations) , Aweber ( 19 $ per month - but the best) , there are few others like getresponse. Mailchimp is great to start up with.

3. QR Code :- many apps in play store, Try "Kaywa Reader" , All are FREE

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