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Six Steps featured on yourstory.in (CNBC TV 18 YOUNG TURKS)


Six Steps featured on yourstory.in (CNBC TV 18 YOUNG TURKS)

Six Steps was recently featured on the yourstory.in CNBC TV 18 Young Turks, we thank all for your continuing support and would like to take this opportunity to request all to kindly connect us to sales, marketing managers or business owners of equipment manufacturing or product manufacturing firms. Our services will change the way they manage their servicing and marketing with high cost savings and higher…


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POCC at a Glance - April 19th

Pune OpenCoffee Club at a Glance - April 19th


Exclusive - Startup In Focus:

The startup in focus this week is Pineapple Innovative Solutions – a venture that takes care of the IT and…


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Do you have a favorite 3rd party Library?

Lets contribute by sharing your favorite but lesser known 3rd party libraries that no project should be without.


This is my feedback - http://wp.me/pPJh0-87


Some least heard but important such libraries which we have used in past are:


Unit Testing: DBUnit, Mockito, Hamcrest Matchers

Apache Common: Commons Configurations, Commons DbUtils, Commons IO, Commons Lang

Other: SLF4J, Google Collections, c3p0,…


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Selecting An Appropriate Legal Structure For Your Start-up

First thing that comes to mind after one has decided to start a business venture is “What form of a legal entity should I create?”. It is important to think this through thoroughly at the beginning since once the start-up is set up, it is very difficult; not to mention expensive and time-consuming, to go back and change its legal form. Determining the right legal structure for your startup can save both money and hassle. Structuring errors may cause businesses to fail.…

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POCC at a Glance 15th March

Pune Open Coffee Club at a Glance (15th March)


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whats the fun in franchising? Lets innovate!!!

I have been thinking of getting a franchise of McDonalds. Then I learned, McDonalds south west region does not franchise. I again surfed whether any good brand for franchising. Soon I realised that franchising cost more than a new venture. And I dont have enough money for that.


I am glad that I did not have enough money. Had I got enough money, I would have become another sheep in the herd. Though, I am no different now. But I would have lost my identity and would have been…


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Alert   -   This is a long one so pardon me if I overstretched with my words and thoughts. But idea was to to justice to the thoughts and all I had were words.





Why I should be writing this ?

May be the IDEA of the firm will be just an idea and will die a slow death with me. But an Idea can never die , may be it won't…


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Online LED Display : Proven Business for Take Over



I wish to offer following - (Product / System photographs attached). If you could refer interested party, pl. let me know.


Business For Immediate Take Over– with / without my involvement   REFER ATTACHMENT

Online LED Display Systems:…


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Rich Dad Poor Dad - An Eye Opener

Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad Again, I just remembered & realized again about Asset and Liability. 


An Asset is something that will pay you back, by producing income.

A Liability is something that will cost you money, by causing expenditures.


And if we see, What do the middle class buy on PayDay? - Right- more and more Liabilities.…


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How to write Corporate Blogs that work


What is a corporate blog?

Corporate blogs are weblogs written by companies and enterprises. They can be a separate blog, or can be incorporated in the corporate website.

That’s fine, but why should I have a blog for my company?

Corporate blog is a useful weapon in your marketing arsenal. The main advantage of having a corporate blog is that its content can be updated frequently, even on a daily basis. This helps in the SEO…


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Website Content - Back to Basics

Let us start our discussion about different types of content with Website Content. Since it is a huge topic that can’t be covered in a single post, I will do a series on it.

Today’s topic of discussion – Basics of Website Content

In this Internet Age, your website is the first point of contact between you and your prospective client. It creates the first impression about you, your company, and your brand. It is a crucial element of your company’s marketing plan. Your… Continue

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Comics can be read by anyone irrespective of your age. Personally, I have some of my own favourite comics. But sadly, I have not come across many Indian comics that are as good as Archies, Asterix and Obelix, Tin Tin, etc!

I had this random idea months ago about starting my own comic strips and books, which will be read by the people of all age groups. Eventually targetting the local and national groups, I want to establish full time comics which will be read…


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Six Steps Finalists for Power of Ideas, Economic Times.

Six Steps was one of the 74 finalists selected across India for the Power of Ideas program organized bu Economic Times. Had an opportunity to have 2 weeks training and various one-to-one sessions at IIM Ahmedabad. A memorable experience and an opportunity to interact with talented entreprenuers from across India. Would love to share the contacts of these individuals to all interested, Let me know Thanks

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