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4 ways to quickly improve sales productivity.

As we step into a new FY, most organizations would have made decisions related to their business goals and would have identified the key sales people that are going to help achieve this goal. While you may arguably have some of the best sales people in the business (that is what everyone likes to believe), it is important equip them with the right resources and help them perform to…


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Brand Crush – Deewana banade!

Almost every one of us might have heard about Crush. Many might secretly be having one in their Schools/Colleges/Offices. A Crush is a slang and it means a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special. Someone who fascinates you or someone you badly want to be with…


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Role of Graphic design in building awareness about your product

Patience is waning across all age groups and people no longer have the time to go through traditional forms of content. Brochures/Flyers are slimming down in size and content. Companies are reducing the number of slides on presentations and trying to make it more visual instead. There are several alternate forms of content distribution that are becoming very popular like Instagram,…


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Why we didn't raise funding early on

Are you guys funded?

Everyone loves to ask this question. People at startup events, college buddies on WhatsApp groups and even your co-passengers on flights.

And sure, I get it. In the world littered with umpteen startups, funding reflects a certain external validation and “seriousness” of your venture. So nothing wrong with this question, really. But what gets to my nerves is the way the conversation goes next:

I: No, we are…

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How to leverage Content Marketing to drive lead Generation

Lead generation seems to be the number one agenda for most people that I talk with. Companies try a lot of different mechanisms to drive lead generation, the most popular that I have heard of being cold calling. Cold calling has its own benefits, however, I feel it has too many negatives that we should be aware of, before we decide to sacrifice our company’s reputation and…


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How to increase your twitter following with 6 simple steps?

Twitter is one of the powerful ways to reach your target audience. To ethically build an audience and a presence, your Twitter strategy should focus on three broad categories: Content,…


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Leverage graphic design to improve your visibility

What is YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook? Think…

These are mediums where people share visual content. Simple.


Visual Content is one of the…


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Strap Your Boots !!!

Hey Guys I am back with a few more words of advice.

In today's world, bootstrapping seems to be a forgotten strategy. The promoters seem to spend too much of bandwidth in chasing the Investors. It will be more useful if that bandwidth is invested in the business. Before validating the business model, Investors are being chased.

There is a flip side to this. Along with the time which you spend, you share your ideas and business plans at too much early stage, which is quite…


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Valuation Simplified

Hey Folks.. 

I am sure Valuation, Pre/Post are the terms which must be hounding most of the guys around here. 

Valuation for Pre Series A or most of the first dilutions (except for friends & family round) is simple. 

Any investor who comes in as the first investor in the company would like to have a notable pie of the fruit. Now what that pie is ? I would say for first dilution it will be anywhere between 10%-20%.

On one side, when the…


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10 lessons learned while building a startup

In one word if I have to define entrepreneurship then its "Persistence". I am Kaustubh Co-Founder of Demyto.com. I have attempted to do a business second time in my life after 15 years of IT Professional Service.

We started Demyto.com around 11 months ago. Demyto.com works in automotive after sales service specially in Tyres, Insurance and Servicing. 

Our goal is to provide unbeatable prices to customers, reduce at least 20% of yearly vehicle maintenance cost and personalized…


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Encryption startup SecureDB gets featured on ProductHunt.com

Cyber-security startup SecureDB - offering encryption-as-a-service for web, mobile and IoT apps - recently got featured on the coveted  Product Hunt platform. SecureDB is a US-based startup with engineering office in Pune, India. By offering encryption through easy SaaS model, SecureDB aims at making…


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Post Incorporation Compliance's

Following are the compliance's a Company is required to comply immediately after it gets its Certificate of Incorporation.

Appointment of Statutory Auditor

Private & Public Limited Companies (except Govt. Companies) incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 are required to appoint a Statutory auditor (Chartered Accountant), within 30 days of the incorporation of Company. If the Company fails to do so, it can…


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It’s time to Shift Gears & Accelerate…

Good morning to all my startup Enthusiastic friends !!!

It makes me feel proud to see the way we have progressed in the last 6-7 months.  

Aligning a small team of Innovative & Enthusiastic developers with my vision to bridge some prominent gaps in the Healthcare sector was a challenging and fun-filled journey. I remember someone saying “If you love what you do then every day at work is fun”. We are almost ready to what we call as “To make the difference”.

Before we…


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AWS Enterprise Summit in Pune-Review

AWS as a cloud provider has grown enormously last few years. My interest has grown in it off late, since at Sungard AS, where I work, we build various solutions and services on AWS catering enterprise customers. This was the first enterprise summit by AWS in Pune. I was not quite excited when I looked at their agenda for the summit, except one or two sessions which looked closer. But nonetheless, I registered for it and this blog…


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Limited Liability Partnership - Concept & formation procedure


The Concept of LLP was well known in the united states since the 1990’s, but it was first known in India in 2009, with the enactment of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. The main idea behind the concept of LLP was to save the partners from being held liable for the debts of the company, and sell their assets in order to pay company debts. LLP being a different entity from its partners, the liability of the partners is limited to…


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'E-IPO' for Indian Startup -Big Move in "Make in India " campaign

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) this week decided to make it easy for local startups to get listed on India’s stock exchanges. The relaxed regulations allow them to have a separate platform called Institutional Trading Platform. The idea is to help startups raise funding from Indian sources instead of depending on investors abroad.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, started the “Make in India” campaign last year. It aims to revive and promote the Indian…


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Relaxed Marketing.


Relaxed Marketing is special kind of marketing in which we simply use pull marketing method to attract customer toward our product. I am working on improvement of relaxed marketing. The aim behind this marketing technique is help young entrepreneur who has no budget or very less budget for marketing. Here some tips to do marketing of your product/service.

(A) Start Simple

Let start simple before marketing you need to promote now easy way of…


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New Amendment from Companies Act



Practicing Company Secretary



New Delhi: The RAJYA SABHA on 13th May 2015 passed the Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2014, which provides for severe punishment for those raising illegal deposits from the public.

The …


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In The Cloud There Is No Room For Experiments Or 'Quick Fixes'

The hybrid infrastructure model applied in cloud computing reflects best practices in the new generation of data centers. What distinguishes these environments is the fact that, in the cloud there is no room for experiments or 'quick fixes'. This is an opinion of Gartner research vice president, Chris Wolf.

Next, the expert lists four items that need to be evaluated in…


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