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5 must-have qualities for your accounting services provider

As entrepreneurs, we are always used to do multi-tasking, but when it comes to managing your accounts, it is best to engage with experts, as it can get very cumbersome and messy. Not complying with the regulations and even minor oversights can have serious…


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Is it back to the basics, where basics involve humans?

No matter how much success you're having, you can't continue working together if you can't communicate. Matt Cameron

Flipkart tells us the GMV (Gross Merchandise Value), another word for gross sales, is passe for them and that NPS or Net Promoter Score, again a metric for customer loyalty, is what they have always had their eye on.  I would tend to agree with them, but, only in the early days when any online…


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The More Lighter I am, The More Faster I am...

For More Videos Visit : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8qdA7H8lkk9A5Jt22dBmaQ

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Is Sorry Better or a Thank You ?

For more videos visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG5G6xViro4

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Challenges of Designing for Multiple Devices

Technology has had a significant impact on various sectors and the lives of everyone. The number of devices that are used to connect to the internet are constantly growing. Most people keep switching between these devices, including tablets, TVs, PCs and smartphones. If you will have any chance to make it in online business, you would…


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Why Digital Marketing is necessary for your Business?

As per facts and sources, India is the fastest growing Nation when it comes to adding Internet user base year on year. It means that every year more and more people are getting online, be it from Rural Areas or Urban Areas. And when Billions of people are on the Internet which belong to different age groups, demographics, different income groups, have special interests, then there are very high chances that your target audience is hidden amongst them.…


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5 simple steps to get LinkedIn working for your business growth.

Leveraging LinkedIn for business growth needs to be an important part of your business strategy. While a lot of entrepreneurs create a profile, connect with people and are able to build a network, they don’t do much beyond. What’s the point of having a network that cannot help you in your business growth?…


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Cloud computing

Cloud computing is general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet.…


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7 must-have collateral items for every small business

To remain competitive, you need to provide information about your company and your products/services to employees, investors, existing and potential clients on an ongoing basis. Your company’s success depends on how well you communicate what you have to offer. What’s Your Story?…


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Content Marketing to drive market leadership and expand segments.

Whether it is software products business, IT/ITeS services business, consumer goods, automobiles, housing, banking or utilities, each industry has its own version of marketing strategies. One of the commonalities across these industries is the increasing usage of content marketing and the level of engagement that they have with their potential and existing customers leveraging digital…


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PR? What's That?

A LinkedIn poll found 'PR Manager' to be the seventh most misunderstood position in the world. (Fun fact: The poll asked parents to explain what their son or daughter does for a living, and 42 percent of respondents said they couldn't accurately describe the PR profession)


Apparently, public…


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The Hidden Value of Customers.

The Hidden Value of Customers.

Sitting in at many of our meetings with clients, the most common pain point across the board, for a startup, is customer acquisition. I honestly think it is not just for a startup. Acquiring, actively engaging and retaining a customer is what will decide whether you can be a sustainable business.

For an early stage startup it is time, not money that is the most scarce resource. Founders are constantly thinking and rethinking how best to allocate…


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How I built the Intern-Stellar team for WordsMaya

For a start-up to succeed, a good team is mandatory. Capable team members are priceless (read very pricey!). You need not read ahead if you have enough money. But for the start-ups I know (and also my own start-up), a good team without money is a conundrum. Hiring the right interns in the only solution I have found during my two-year…


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Into the wild

Various startup publications (startup porn for people on the fringe) for the past few years had been heralding the age of the Unicorn. The…


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4 ways to quickly improve sales productivity.

As we step into a new FY, most organizations would have made decisions related to their business goals and would have identified the key sales people that are going to help achieve this goal. While you may arguably have some of the best sales people in the business (that is what everyone likes to believe), it is important equip them with the right resources and help them perform to…


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Brand Crush – Deewana banade!

Almost every one of us might have heard about Crush. Many might secretly be having one in their Schools/Colleges/Offices. A Crush is a slang and it means a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special. Someone who fascinates you or someone you badly want to be with…


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Role of Graphic design in building awareness about your product

Patience is waning across all age groups and people no longer have the time to go through traditional forms of content. Brochures/Flyers are slimming down in size and content. Companies are reducing the number of slides on presentations and trying to make it more visual instead. There are several alternate forms of content distribution that are becoming very popular like Instagram,…


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Why we didn't raise funding early on

Are you guys funded?

Everyone loves to ask this question. People at startup events, college buddies on WhatsApp groups and even your co-passengers on flights.

And sure, I get it. In the world littered with umpteen startups, funding reflects a certain external validation and “seriousness” of your venture. So nothing wrong with this question, really. But what gets to my nerves is the way the conversation goes next:

I: No, we are…

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How to leverage Content Marketing to drive lead Generation

Lead generation seems to be the number one agenda for most people that I talk with. Companies try a lot of different mechanisms to drive lead generation, the most popular that I have heard of being cold calling. Cold calling has its own benefits, however, I feel it has too many negatives that we should be aware of, before we decide to sacrifice our company’s reputation and…


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How to increase your twitter following with 6 simple steps?

Twitter is one of the powerful ways to reach your target audience. To ethically build an audience and a presence, your Twitter strategy should focus on three broad categories: Content,…


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