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The Changing Retail Scene of Pune - Past, Present & Future.

The scene of Pune in terms of organized retail started changing past 2006. Many national and international apparel and cosmetic brands who were on display only in selected metros like delhi , Mumbai and Bangalore started hitting to Pune ,identifying it as the model city of urban india.

Pune has got highest number of students and techies compared to any other cities in India. Students generally migrate for higher education like engineering, MBA and GRE preparations and to seek admissions in… Continue

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Hobby Your Work

Hobby your work

Liking what you do can give you success; but doing what you like will give you both success and happiness.

What is a hobby?

Hobby is something you always want to do.

You do not compromise on anything related to your hobby.

You do not have to 'spare' time for your hobby; you always manage to follow it all the time.

You do not need to ask for permissions or assistance from others to follow your hobby.

You do not… Continue

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To all the members of the POCC

Each year, it is necessary to respire, to take breath again, to revive ourselves at the great living sources that forever keep their eternal freshness.
Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
wishing you all a happy new year



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Listen Carefully and Get Ahead

Some days ago, I happened to attend a seminar. Speaker was a well-known professor and audience was a group of senior executives.

The Professor walked into the hall wearing a formal suite, set up his machine, switched off the lights, opened a PowerPoint presentation and started his speech. Within 10 minutes of his speech, the audience started yawning followed by whispering.

I started thinking why people are unable to listen to such a well-known professor even for 10… Continue

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Work Environment

Visual workplace

Clauses 6.3 Infrastructure and 6.4 Work Environment of ISO9001 standard can improve organization performance to a large extend. Many times in a QMS defined, it just given a passing reference. Below is a article from ‘Lean Manufacturing’.

This also applies to IT and ITES where physical layout is in soft form.

When you are driving, do you normally follow the laws of the road by listening to auditory cues, or do you normally use visual cues to guide you through the… Continue

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Secrets to Peak performance

It is scientifically proven that Loss Prevention is the primary and most effective way to improve performance. As it relates to optimizing internal capacities, it is quite easier and faster than applying any external improvement techniques. No external applications would result unless all causes of internal loss are prevented. Let us consider example of a balloon. You will not be able to blow it to size with whatever amount of air, until it has even one small hole. Similarly, you need to… Continue

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"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." - Winston Churchill

Attitude plays a vital role in the life of any human being. Setting right attitude is instrumental in the process of being successful or achieving things you want in life. Here are some useful tips on attitude setting:

1. Do not fear

“Attitude is not walking like a King; it’s walking like you don’t care who the King is!”

Do not limit your thoughts… Continue

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Top 10 Professional Tips

One of the biggest mistakes corporate professionals make is 'to assume'. They tend to take things for granted and do not understand that there can be (rather, are) multiple angles to the same view! They assume their bosses' views, they assume their colleagues' approach, they assume their competitors' pace, and so on...

In today's competitive age, if you miss your competitive edge, chances are high that you miss everything. The Performer brings you few tips - easy to remember,… Continue

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TaaraGo - 'Do Something New'

Hi all...

First of all sorry that i was absent for many days from this lovely community...But i have been busy...busy with our new venture...TaaraGo

This is exciting concept and we have been receiving tremendous response. In just 3 weeks of launch we are 1914 'Seekers' strong community with 98 active 'Providers'. Seekers are the participants like you who wish to ' Do something New' with your free time (from Salsa to… Continue

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A big event on a dancing comeptition for the entire Pune city

Hello everyone,

This is Mehul Darooka here. I am working in a MNC and have also been associated with various other activities. Some are in the filed of event management.

I have 2 things to be shared.

1) I have a start up-Trans-ON Academy, where in i conduct various workshops on communication skills, soft skills, business correspondence, etc. Can any one of you require the same or can refer to me to someone who can generate business for me. Kindly do let me… Continue

Added by Mehul Darooka on September 12, 2009 at 3:47pm — No Comments

competition vs. collaboration ???????????????

In this current crisis and economic downturn, we need active meaure and innovative skills ,new technologies that will drive both consumer and business demand.Which should have the ability to transform existing products and that is where knowledge plays an increasingly important role not only in innovation but also in sustainable social and economic development.

Develop new business models and adopt new, innovative ways of delivering services.

I would like to have an brain storming… Continue

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Any Shortcuts?

Are there any shortcuts to being a successful entrepreneur?
" I have my doubts".
So what are the ingredients?
No! --- --- money is the least of your requirements. Of course, you need some but success at a start-up goes beyond that!

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Anyone interested in setting up defence related industires :-

This is one industry where I beleive there is a lot of scope and would help india for "Mission 2020"

Added by Phani Sriram on August 1, 2009 at 9:32pm — No Comments

Need contacts

Dear All,

I need good contacts in xpansion and vertex software, the admin or commercial or operation person preferred, i got the office numbers but i did not get a chance to talk to them through the board lines in such cases the direct contact preferred.

Thanks in advance

Sunil Joshi
Beeta Consulting

Added by Sunil Joshi on July 24, 2009 at 10:05am — No Comments

Java enthusiasts??? One Product-Idea on PlanetAikon

In the era of globalization, businesses are no longer confined to cities, states and countries. Conference calls / web conferencing and virtual meetings are daily routine and widely used practices in today’s global work environment in most of the organizations. Multiple heads generally participate in such meetings from multiple locations. At times it happens that critical points are missed due to several reasons. Few of them being language disparities, voice disturbance and… Continue

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personality ???

if anyone's interested in getting workshops conducted on soft skills, personality development.... , please contact me

Added by harsh m on July 1, 2009 at 11:21am — 1 Comment

Useful ideas for Creative Business People

Create 1: to bring into existence 2: to invest with a new form 3: to produce through imaginative skill. Scary, huh? Enough to make many of us think that we'll never be creative, which isn't the case at all. Anyone who has used something other than a doorstop as a doorstop has demonstrated a degree of creative ability. When it comes to messaging, try reviewing the categorized list to your left, or the thumbnails below to get your creative juices flowing rampantly.

Think of creativity… Continue

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Creative Industry

Games are one of the UK's great unsung creative success stories. But games studios must innovate if the UK is to maintain its position as a global industry leader. With more urgency than many other sectors, this will require supportive measures from policymakers.

The UK's video games sector is a major source of economic growth, with games expected to have overtaken music and DVD in overall sales by the end of 2008. Games are also a source of innovation that benefits the broader… Continue

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training and development

hi all, just became a member. looking forward to meeting new people and ofcourse oppurtunities regarding training and development...

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POCC meet June 7th Koregaon Park CCD

Well I had expected only around 5-6 people to actually turn up but surprisingly around twice as much turned up. Initially we just had introductions of people who had joined in, but it proved difficult as every time a new member came in, a round of intros started again(Must find a better way to do that next time). So here's a brief outline of the discussion for the benefit of those who couldn't make it.

We were also devoid of any agenda this time hence we started off discussing on… Continue

Added by Lakshminarasimhan Sundararajan on June 12, 2009 at 2:13am — No Comments

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