PUNE: A series of interactive workshops on cyber crime are being conducted for schools in Pune by theRepublic of Cyberia, a project of Asian School of Cyber Laws and Data64 Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd. These workshops have recently been conducted at St Mary's School, Camp, Vidya Bhavan and St Joseph High School, Pashan . The workshops are scheduled to be conducted in several schools in the month of August.

"Topics being covered in the workshops include War Driving, Piggy Backing, Packet Sniffing, How to protect your Wi-Fi,Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and Key Logger, Embedded Malware, Cryptography, Steganography, Cyber Forensics, Social Engineering,Facebook Crimes and the like. Real world cases are discussed during these workshops," said Sagar Rahurkar from the Asian School of Cyber Laws.

Rahurkar added that queries raised by students during these workshops include questions such as: How to secure a Facebook account? Are cyber cafes safe? How can a facebook account be hacked? Which anti-virus software is the best? Can a virus affect a cell phones? "There are several threats that children face online. One of these is cyber bullying, which can lead to depression, substance abuse and even suicide. Another threat is from online buddies who can turn out to be psychopaths, kidnappers or even child molesters. Often children inadvertently give away vital details like their parents' incomes, their address, even credit card information. This information can then be misused by criminals to make illegal purchases and run up huge bills. The solution is to make children CyberSmart, which is what the workshops aim to do, he said.

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