i am an IIT Guwahati Design alumni, presently located in Pune. I have my works in relation to kids and creativity.
I plan to initiate a Creativity Camp in Pune next summer, which would end is a 3 day exhibit of all the works kids do.


Looking for possible help in terms of people who can manage or fund.

People who want to work with kids and specially welcome :)

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I am at Pashan Pune-- if you plan to do some works in this area, count me in for help



i plan to setup the camp across 4 nodes in Pune

it we be great if we can converse in detail.



drop me a mail with your id and we''ll get in touch.

Thank you


Hi Jasmeet,

I have a startup Training organization named ILT and we could augment your creativity efforts with academic support programs. Contact me for more info: anjuchaudhuri@yahoo.com or ring 9920058196.  Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Jasmeet,

    Great to hear that you are working on kids and creativity. I have done Bachelor in Fine Art (Painting) from pune university, also being a theater person from last 3 years. We have performed marathi drama, called Bakhar Bimmachi (Dairy of boy called Bimma), drama for child entertainment.

    If you are planning for camp  I can help you for taking some theater games for children, also for drawing and paintings.

    Eagerly waiting for reply :)




Hi Aditya, 

Nice to hear from you :)
It would be great we to have someone like you on-board.

 The camp is supposed to harness creativity after all.

It will be good if we can get in touch.
Also as i m new to Pune, i am facing a hard time getting things done [pune is a big city]

looking forward for our conversation :)
Feel free to share your contact no. or call for that matter

my no. is stated here



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