FREE SEMINAR ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP by Mr. Mohan Sathe, Prime trainer from JCI university, Florida USA

A Free seminar has been organized to help young entrepreneurs get guidelines and essential information on ‘How to Start, Manage and Expand a Business’ in today’s changing times.

The seminar will focus on key topics like how to make a business plan, how to
manage the finances, how to manage the manpower (HR), and different methods of
expanding a business in today’s times. The main topic will be – how to bring out
the entrepreneur in you.

The seminar will be held at Hotel Raviraj on 28th of August 2011 at 6pm sharp.

The faculty for the seminar is Mr. Mohan Sathe, a certified Prime trainer from JCI
University Florida, USA, who has conducted over 100 workshops on international
business, management skills and first time entrepreneurship.


Mohan is a very inspiring entrepreneur who was a college dropout who later qualified as as CA and today he owns and runs his own telecom expense management software product company which has presence in almost of the major countries around the globe. His company is the market leader in its segment in the USA with FORTUNE 500 companies as his clients- like Coca Cola, Apple computers, etc.


"Friends, this is a great opportunity to listen to and interact with Mr. Mohan Sathe. Don't miss it! " Santosh S.

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Dont miss this!


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