i my opinion the fmcg companies are not understanding the needs of the customers, just fmcg companies are cuming in market with new product for every month, if the product is accepted by customers then it will be continued upto the maturity stage not else they will end the product at introduction stage only. so basically the FMCG companies are growing at a rate of 29% and it is a market of $400 billion and FMCG companies are very few in India, if the companies will understand the needs then definitely the new companies are unable to enter in the market, now in india rural market is growing and so many companies are concentrating on rural market, is the companies are really satisfying the rural market needs............



post ur views plz

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Your observation are partly correct, these companies are trying out customers with frequent new products. Now FMCG companies have started putting more focus on rural area then urban. As there are few companies they have a monopoly and a very settled distribution chain, new startup companies find it very difficult to survive. Now days FMCG are learning the customer needs and making profit out of it, one example is small biscuit packs, which amounts to large sale then a regular packs. So such market trends are getting address by these companies.

As still the market been huge and no single company can tap it, there are lot of options open to make money in this segment. Distribution and sales in rural is a challenge to achieve.


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