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 In the grooming competition, corporate sector are seeking a way to step out of the rigid structure of spend some time in vicinity of Nature. “Explorers” organises Outdoor Management Programmes, Workshops, Seminars, Welfare tours, etc. for Corporates.
     With the Explorers, it’s a fun event full of management games, lectures, yoga for unwinding...Interesting natural techniques for stress relief together results in a healthier spirit & better productivity at work. Our activity increases the spirit of co-operation and teamwork among the employees of the organisation. These outings are a great forum to increase interaction and interpersonal communication skills amongst employees.

We Request You To Fill Up Enquiry Form for Details So That We Will Give You An Exact Budget as per your Requirement.

We offer you...

  • Team Building
  • Stress Management through various Exercies
  • Organising Seminars / Workshops across India 
  • Corporate Welfare Tours / Outings 
  • Trekking in the Sahyadris / Himalayas
  • Adventure Sports like Rafting, Rappelling, Parasailing, Ballooning, etc
  • Wildlife Safaries
  • Incentive Tours
  • Air Reservations, Hotel Bookings and all the other logistical arrangement.

What is the ideal Duration?      
     It depends on the team size and prime objectives.
     We have enormous new ideas, games, and innovative event solutions. Whether you require three days of team building programme, a single day team building, a half day, a couple of hours, or just a break during a conference, Explorers has specifically customised content that can fit your need.
Needless to say, the Longer the duration, Higher is the impact of the programme.

     Explorers has dedicated locations for team building initiatives. Most locations that we choose to work with have fitted into our parameters of ideally suited environment. Before a location is suggested by us, we consider the programme objectives, travel time, standard of facilities, geographical resources, climate, privacy, property usage restrictions, services ratio, etc. We have training venues for major metros in India.

We have done it before. Will it be the same?
     Fortunately, from our vast content of activities, you can be assured that new variety of activities be conducted by us. Same canned approach does not motivate our own operations team! For corporate teams that still needed dramatically different team building approach, just give us your previous Team building Feed Back, then our professionals will definitely satisfy your Need.

Why Explorers?

  • Widest range of Corporate Team Building / stress relief solutions.
  • Large variety of team building games and activities to offer choice and avoid repetitions.
  • Create the highest safety environment for participants.
  • Young and dynamic team that works with contagious enthusiasm and passion.
  • Free venue search provided to meet your needs.
  • Experience to handle multi-days and large teams with effortless ease.
  • And we listen.

Before a programme we consider...

  1. Distance
    Location of the venue is within 150 k.m. away from the city. This saves valuable travel time which can be used to maximum our services within the time frame. Few sites are as close to the city with a complete privacy around.
  2. Special Accommodations
    We offer accommodation in luxury rooms that have large layouts for spacious feel, luxurious bathrooms, porch to relax, air-conditioning (if required) and aesthetics to create a warm ambience.
  3. Open Spaces
    We have specially considered private areas to hold outdoor activities on well manicured lawns.
  4. Privacy
    Many companies prefer privacy while engaging in activities in the outdoors. So, atmost care is taken for privacy.
  5. Access to Adventure
    The venue satisfies all the needs of adventure & easy access from the resort. This means your group can save plenty of time without going too far from the property to engage in adventure activities.
  6. Food
    Our cook knows how to keep you happy with the menu. Or you can place your requirement before the Event.
  7. Happy Staff
    Nothing could please more for a customer than a pleasing face serving you with a smile. The staff is trained to be flexible, gentle and courteous. Often, they bend rules to keep customers happy and we silently know about it.

Safety on Programmes, 

That’s part of Our Tradition...

Safety is our top priority. During all activities, strict safety standards are maintained. All equipments used by Explorers are of high quality & participants are trained to adhere to safety rules. A fully equipped first aid kit accompanies all ventures. With all water based activities Explorers requires participating individuals to wear a lifejacket whenever in the water. The staff of Explorers reserves the right to deny anyone access to a particular activity if they feel that safety will be compromised.
Care is taken regarding Facilitators, Outdoor Experts, Equipment, First Aid, Safety Vehicle, Things to carry, etc.

All programmes will include all logistics from Pune (or Mumbai) back to Pune (or Mumbai), as per need.


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