Please Everyone update what everyone can do/skill set you have ... So that we know TOGETHER what ALL WE CAN DO

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6+ years of experience in JAVA/J2EE (SAAS, SOA, Web Service with Java/J2EE technologies.)
Design AND Architect for SAAS/SOA/Web services/etc ... Thats ALL what I can Do?
Its your TURN NOW to tell
I can help in various areas like legal matters and registrations and agreements !
and of course in Negotiations ! !
looking forward to help all the startups for best success.

9930992660 / 661
I have 1+ year experience of addin development for Microsoft Office, 1+year experience in web(PHP) and desktop application development ( Dveloped SMS based softwares for for government organization.
I am intersted in knowing about the Knowledge AND skill set you have about the SMS based software.
Will you please let me know it in bit more Details.
experience in C/C++/Java, actionscript, flex, php mysql, mobile applications development etc

Ph:- 9049067402
* .NET Framework - Microsoft Platform 1.0 / 1.1 / 2.0 / 4.0.
* Active Server Pages.NET (ASP.NET) 1.0 / 1.1 / 2.0 using VB.NET
* Project Planning – MS Project 2007
* Team Foundation Server – Bug Tracking, Version Control and TFS based development
* Java 1.6 web applications / web services
* Developing Reusable Components/Controls with C#.NET
* Developing VBA Addin/COM Addin using VBA/C#/VSTO
* Developing Custom HTTP Handlers using VB.NET
* Visual Basic.NET – Winforms (GUI) / middle layer DB components / Business Logic components / Windows Service Applications
* C# - Business Logic components / Components to run within the proprietary reporting engine / Microsoft Team Foundation programming / VSTO programming
* Microsoft AJAX Framework
* HTML / XHTML / CSS (compatibility IE & Firefox & Google Chrome)
* HTML Scripting - VBScript/JavaScript
* Microsoft SQL 2000 Server / 2005 Server / 2005 Express and
MySQL 4.0/5.0 - DB Management / SQL scripts / Backup / Restore / Development VB.NET / Stored Procedures
* NUnit unit testing framework.

I am a freelance Technical Writer, Content Developer, and Blogger.
I truly enjoy enabling / facilitating people to achieve their goals in whatever way I can.


My skills:

- teaching: English, Management Accounting

- writing, editing, making presentations

- anchoring, coordinating discussions, meets

- planning and organizing programs, events (with an eye to detail)

- improving business efficiency, cost control( through corporate experience in Management Accounting)

- arbitration (diffusing conflicts, bringing about better understanding between parties)



Whew! Didn't realize I had this many :-)


indiwriter AT gmail DOT com

A practicing Chartered Accountant and CPA with 10+ yrs of experience in field on taxation,accounting and auditing.  

Thank you & Regards,


Hi, I am Insurance & Investment  adviser with all opportunities in this sector with me having more than 6 years experience in this field.  






I am having 2 yrs of experience in SFDC ( SFDC is a CRM application based on cloud computing.

Having a good command over Apex, Triggers, Controllers and config changes. 



6+ years into IT Project Management (PMP certified), total 12 years of exP in IT. Can Plan, Execute small to large size Projects well. Excellent estimation, scheduling, risk management skills. 

From C/Unix background, can write shell scriPts.


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