We are proudly introducing our “Made in Pune” new innovative portal www.MyTii.in aimed at providing Personalised Entertainment options.
All of us are very busy today to find small time for nurturing our hobbies / interests. Even if some time is planned, but then how to best spend it, is the question. So we and surely you too shall strongly believe “MyTii - My Time isimportant” is genuine need of today. MyTii.in team has nurtured this need to convert into workable idea and pleased to offer Event Alert System that sends SMS Alert (Even DND numbers) / Email information to its users about the events of their own interest happening around the city (currently Pune).

Here the Organisers also very well benefitted by reaching directly to Interested Audiences thereby improving success rate of their event. Thus it is WIN-WIN solution for Subscribers and Organisers. We have just started with basic concept but there are lot of features in pipeline (shall be released within this year) which shall enhance User experience to great extent.

We invite Pune based people to register as Subscriber FREE during Beta Launch which is a limited period and enjoy benefits of MyTii.in and as we solely depend on Word-of-Mouth publicity of this portal and if you like this concept, join and spread the word with your family and friends also to join.

On closure of Beta phase, there shall be small fee for Subscribers & certainly there is lot of value User shall get for his/her money.

We hope we will get affection and blessings of Punekars to make this product more useful and interesting. Your feedbacks, suggestions, criticisms, Likes are welcome on www.Facebook.com/MyTii.in as well as you can follow us on http://www.linkedin.com/company/mytii-in-insat-technologies-

Warm Regards,

Team MyTii.in

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My Time is important....is yours ?



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