Would love to get people's inputs/feedback on key patient care challenges today

I am working on a startup in the patient care space and trying to prioritize key patient care challenges from a patient's perspective. We all have been patients at some point in our lives and hence everyone is qualified to do this.


If you could take this very short survey, it will help me understand which areas to focus on first:



Thanks a lot for your help.




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Hi Mitesh,

I have gone through your survey, also completed it... I felt that the questions which you have asked are really good.

I am also thinking abt taking for survey for my business idea.. Thanks for showing the way.

wish you best of luck...


Vivek K

Thanks Vivek. I am happy to help with drafting your survey if you feel the need.



Hi Chhaya, I am sorry that you ran into this issue. I am surprised myself that a site like surveymonkey is slow. They are touted as one of the world's best survey websites.


Can you please try again? If this doesn't work, I will e-mail you the survey and/or host the survey on another website.


Thanks for pointing this out.




Thanks Chhaya. The intent of the question is to understand what is the worth of solving your biggest problem related to patient care. But your point is valid, I have redrafted the question to make it clearer.


Thanks for your feedback.



You can try by opening the same link in another browser.


You bring up a great point: "Right expertise for the right price". I will make a note of that as a fresh perspective.


Thank you again!

Based on people's feedback, we have an extended version of the survey to determine customer segment. Also, we have put the survey on Qualtrics. Hopefully this will be better than surveymonkey.com experience.


The link is: http://bit.ly/PpLVXG


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