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Ideas on how to use Cloud Computing in Startup business!


Posted on 11th August 2010 by sriniwas in Business

Cloud computing is an extension or rather a practical implimentation of concept “SaaS: Software as a service”.

It primarily is derived from the fact that not all applications can be hosted and managed by a single platform or a business user.
Especially the applications which has no direct relevance or impact on
the overall functioning of the business as a whole and when the
applications output wont impact the Revenues or the practical output of
the business as such.

In lay man’s terms Cloud computing can be termed as analogous to the day to day services in our lives for which we simply pay the Rent each month (e.g. Electricity, water, gas etc) rather than setting up a plant
etc for such things not only because it incurs huge costs to build it
and nevertheless the cost-benefit ratio is huge.

With reference to Startups:-

For any startup the infrastructure costs involved are a major worry. Applications which are used for administration purposes or for the not-so-important causes need to be set up at the lowest costs and
overheads as possible. Cloud computing in such cases plays an important
role here. There are many apps in market which removes such overhead
cost-burden from the startups. Some of these applications relevant for
startups are :-

  • XERO and TALLY for Accounting
  • github, interadvantage for hosting,
  • clockingit-for timesheets
  • JIRA
  • Greytip
  • Bootstrap- has an entire gamut of such in-house developed applications.

Benefits of Cloud computing applications:-

1. Removes unnecessary costs incurred on building such applications or Manpower for such daily routine and administrative activities

2. Its efficient and more reliable

3. Data even though shared with third party would not create problems since mostly these are Non-mission critical data. (   For sharing mission-critical data sufficient care needs to be taken in selecting the
cloud computing appl co).

- Post By:- Srinivas Rao (admin)
(working as :- a Business Consultant with major MNC in Pune. Cast-an-idea is the maiden online startup).

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