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A lesson well learnt! Last week we noticed that our competition was getting more downloads than us, all of sudden! A few of my friends kept asking me how our App works and despite me guiding them they were lost. One of them sent me a screenshot of what was happening and why it was difficult for them to understand the App. What I saw was a shocker to me as well. I told my friend there is nothing on our App that looks like what was on screenshot. Before it was too late we dug into our competition and found that people were not downloading our App but our competitor's!

Why was there so much confusion? Because we spelled our App incorrectly but sounded similar to what its original spelling is.

Here's what happened:

Our Old name: Pamflets

Competitor's App name: Pamphlet

Our New name and link: PAMFY

Here's our new Twitter Handle

Our new Facebook Link

Please see the screenshots below (after text)

Now you would argue, "Boss, the simplest solution to this is sending the correct link". Yup! that is true but a lot of them remember the name of the App and try searching them on Google Play Store, and this what exactly happened with us. No matter how many times you send people links they will ask you the name orally or try to figure themselves out.

And guess what, when we came to know about this we changed our name to Pamphlet (just to test what happens) and google accepted it. Was there a glitch? I still am figuring out why would Google allow two apps with the same name? I still don't know the answer. To add to all this, you know what you don't have to have the domain name same as your app name. They are not linked! Anyhow we bought and changed our name on Facebook & Twitter. We tested it on these two platforms before we decided to finalize our new name: Pamfy. And since we had P in our Logo we didn't have to change that (for God sake)

Big Lesson: When you choose name, look for catchy names but avoid Dictionary words with wrong spelling. You will lose out some or the other way. Our new name PAMFY is just cut short from our previous name, it's catchy and still keeps the essence of the business alive.

We decided to change the name because we are still under 100 downloads and it is better to get the confusion out the door rather than defend and work for our competition. Startups are not easy but they sure are fun. Lots of challenges and learning all the time.

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Hi Keerthi,

All the best with your new start-up with a new name. I am sure you are having a lot of fun :-).

Just for my curious mind, I could not figure out how these pamphlets are sent. Are these real paper ones that you'll print and distribute or you'll send e-pamphlets or SMS.



Hi Nishant,

Thanks for your wishes.

Well, the concept is to minimize paper pamphlets. We called it digital pamphlet. Businesses can spread the word about new offer or grand opening or announce new event via our app. In the near future we plan to ask businesses to run special offers/ campaigns on Pamfy so that users can take advantage.

I hope this answers your question.


But the ones who has this app will get notified or how?

Hi Sagar,

Yes, the ones who have it on their phone will get notification. Users can set their radius from 5-100 km and they will receive only those notifications within their set radius.

Hope this answers your question.


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