Dear All,

Last week some of the moderators here and on our mailing list were involved in an unfortunate conversation with an organization. I won't name them to avoid further embarrassment, so let's call them 'the exceptions'. Now the exceptions have been using our platform as a support system and to gain visibility. There's really nothing wrong with marketing your organization here, except in the method the exceptions went about it. As a result, they alienated themselves from the rest of the community and we had to respond to complaints of aggressive self promotion by banning their presence.

All relationships are fundamentally two-ways. I always try to remember that it isn't what you can take, but what you can give to enable the relationship. We deliberately give our entrepreneurs a voice to share their work and requirements on this platform so that they can stand out. At the end of the day, you can post a job post anywhere online, but you'll do it here because of our audience. That's what we believe. 

In turn, we do want you to be an active part of that audience as well. We want you to represent your personal 'best' brand and not just the organization you're building. If another entrepreneur were to post his needs which don't necessarily match the competency of your organization, we still hope that you will share your experience and guide wherever possible. It might not help your organization, but it boosts participation and helps you grow your personal network. That's our secret to how we've been able to grow as a community. It's because the audience, ie. YOU give us your participation.

To come to the point, we are allergic to those who come here with the sole aim of self-promotion as they create a bad example for everybody else. Those with only this objective undertake increasingly aggressive activities such as,

* collecting members email addresses from the platform, phone numbers and then sending communication without asking for permission.

* aggressively replying or posting new messages to the forum repeatedly asking members to visit another website, especially in cases where it isn't helpful, or relevant.

* aggressively commenting, or sending messages on member profiles in bulk.

* creating junk profiles and meaningless posts, or double posts to increase pagerank.

* creating and posting content to events which are not really events, or events that misrepresent the start and end dates.

* asking moderators for email address lists, or adding special links to the website.

There's more but you get the idea.

We want to share the freedom to use this platform with everyone we can, but if the only goal is to self-promote, you'll find that your methods will only become more and more aggressive and annoy everybody else. Mass emails might get you to 0.1% participation in 1 second, but it won't help you to connect 100% as a single personal email from a lifelong friend. And we want you to measure the output of your participation here by the number of good friends you make, not just by customers or traffic.

If we find those who follow such practices, or receive consistent complaints, we will stop you to protect the platform and you'll stand to lose the good (with the bad) work that you've done here. Trust me, I know that feels terrible.

Wish your venture the best!



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I agree.

There is an another practice which people generally do on such public forum. I am not sure whether that happened here ever . I do not know what is the term people used for that kind, it goes as below:

They register themselves with dummy email address, and ask questions seeking services they are offering.

They reply their own question with their official profile and describe about the service.

After a while, the dummy email address writes very good feedback about the service received from them.

Good technique, isn't it?

- Hatim Laxmidhar

Thank you for sharing your comments! Will keep an eye out for dummy sign ups.



Well said and point noted boss!!! This is a wonderful forum and users must keep it that way!

Thank you! Our core audience is our boss.


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