Looking for People interested in Opening Wholesale outlets for Agricultural goods.

Such branches/outlets will focus on supplying goods to big customers like hotels, vendor shops, etc.

We are having strong back-end i.e network with farmers to supply agricultural goods at lower cost.

Hence, I believe this concept will work.


Anyone interested in Investing in & Managing such outlets, we can plan for personal meet. 




+91 98235 02457

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Hey Rahul,


Just a question. All these guys who have bigger requirements go directly to places like MarketYard and purchase. they have a guy fixed for that purpose only.


Why would they come to you...



They go to the Market Yard Coz they don't have any other options.

Infact going to such long distance to purchase goods adds to there cost of vehicle, employee salary, time.

All such shops or hotels or vendors located in areas like kothrud, warje, viman nagar, aundh, baner, etc would always prefer to have wholesale supplier at nearby location. and they will focus on there core area.

And hence they will prefer our services.


Imagine a wadapav wala or a small agriculture vendor in kothrud area who is going to market yard just to purchase 100kg of potato or tomato etc. and other such quantity items.




besides, its a simple logic, anybody who is getting same quality item at nearby place at almost same rate, why would he go so far to purchase the same thing.

I have been into retail for 2.5 yrs and have handled national level assignment... Some of my observations after reading your post...


1. The cost of real estate for a wholesale operation [wholesale] would be huge for anyone. That eats up all your margin and savings which you get from farmers.


2. The logistics also add up quite a lot, since you are transporting voluminous goods to a longer distance. 


3. All these huge consumers go to Market Yard because they get the produce fresh over there and moreso, they get a very huge variety to choose from. In your case it is not possible to maintain variety and choices.


Why dont you look at operating small mobile outlets[on Tata Ace] type vehicles, which can be deployed in any local neighbourhood...
Rahul..  Which region do you have the farmers network? Do you have a network for supplying Pomegranate in a very large quantity of a select variety and at a sustainable rate throughout the year.   Another company requires similar set up for Potatoes in bulk. I am coordinating with a company which is in need of the same. Please feel free to call +91 9822394170.

Hi Sanjay,


We are already, volume based wholesale supplier of potatoes, and other goods. We supply potatoes in tons, to various customers.

Hence, we can supply the same to you too.

We are also volume based supplier for pomogranate, and can supply the same as per your required quantity and specifications.,



+91 98235 02457

Hi Rahul,

                   I am shamik, I also have same kind of business plan which won best business plan award in my college also. The only difference is my business plan is more focused on export. i have a huge farm in Gujarat where we grow different variety of fruite and vegetable like mangoes, sugarcane,vegetables and even we are into plantation business. If you are interested please mail on samik.846@gmail.com or call on +918928259927.



Hi Shamik,


Good to see your interest in agriculture field.

We are having good customer/farmer base in India.

We are also now focusing on export of agri goods like onion, mango, pomo,etc.

It would be great if anything could be worked out between us.

Right now since our business is increasing we are looking for investor as well as customers abroad.




+91 98235 02457


why not concentrate on Organic Foods, 

Fruits, Vegetable & Pulses, niche market, but with good price and easy availability i do feel there will be enough buyers for someone to concentrate on it business wise, 

i myself been thinking of it, but not been able to work hard on it



Hi Harshavardhan,


Though the idea is interesting.

What I can as of now say is, it requires lot of funds for storage, inventory, logistics, employees..!

and I feel that people in pune are still not ready to pay extra money of basic items like agriculture goods..they prefer it to purchase it physically by going to vendor shops.




+91 98235 02457


Hey Rahul,

Where are you guys located? When you say wholesale,, do you mean 1/2 s or 10 s or 100 s kgs?

Do you also target individual buyers who buys for 1-2 weeks home supplies.. ?



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