Whizible is looking for partners to outsource the development of different modules/functionalities.

The chosen partner shall be a small to mid-size services company with expertise in developing cloud / SaaS enterprise products.

We are looking at expert and committed founders that can work over the long term, for successive versions.

Mature processes for Development, Testing, Documentation, Code Quality, Maintainability are key. Developed software should adhere to Security, Scalability, and Usability standard. Technology skills needed are .Net, Web-API, SQL Server

Please reach out to satish@whizible.com for additional details.

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Please post your requirement on www.consortin.com

There are service providers who will connect with you.
I am looking for work
And before giving me work
Use my SaaS based team management system
Sorry looks like I am your competitor but I have app model and video chat
Noticing the surge in the usage of video conferencing platforms we have developed a similar platform called unremot.com. (desktop version) with a few unique differentiators.

Please see if you would like to try this out and provide some good bad feedback. We can also customise if there is any requirement.

Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks in advance.



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