Where to find developers suitable for a startup/product environment?

I have recently moved to Pune after living in the US for 14 years and working on my 2nd tech startup, this time for the medical services industry.

Pune seems to have a good concentration of developers but most of them operate in services industry catering to western clients and hence are very used to the standard SDLC/PRD, etc. The mindset required for a startup especially for product development is very different where frequent changes in direction, rapid code changes, etc. are required.

Seeking inputs from fellow entrepreneurs in Pune on where they find suitable developers and how do they go about recruiting them?

My initial thoughts are to hire bright, high IQ, high energy, right aptitude and attitude type of individuals who don't fear change and can very quickly learn. Am I asking for too much? Should I lower my expectations and make peace with the fact that this is not Silicon Valley?


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Thanks Jatin. Will follow up on this.

Hmm, sounds interesting, lets talk. Pls get in touch.

Can you share you contact information , and briefly explain your vision so that we can take it further . Do reply me at naren41@yahoo.com with relevant information

Hi Mitesh,

I will be interested to work with you ....

I have around 12 yrs of experience , attaching Resume.

- Om Apte


Thanks Om. Will follow up on this. In the meanwhile, if you could send me a quick writeup on why you are looking to switch from a services setup to an entrepreneurial and product development setup, it will help me understand your aspirations better.

Hi Mithesh, I would be interested in this venture of product development in medical services industry.

I have hands on experience on microsoft technologies like asp .net,WPF and programming languages c#, I have also successfully visualized and designed the software tool for my current organization.

Please let me know how to take it further and your contact information.

Hello Charuhas, please upload your resume here or e-mail at mitesh.bohra@infobeans.com

Hi Mitesh,

I am PHP Developer, Find the attached CV.





Thanks Laxmiraj. We don't use PHP but can continue the discussion if you are technology agnostic and can work on any technology. Please let me know.

Hi Mithesh,

Yes i am interested to work any technology.




Hi Mitesh,

It looks like your post was confused with that of a job post. In any case, this is a classic example of what you will encounter here. There is a degree of confusion between developers for "Service Companies" versus developers for "Products".

A couple of ideas that could apply to you.

* Hire developers who have a strong sense of profession and personal direction. This scores any day over intellect. 

* Consider hiring candidates right out of college. I don't know if this will work in your domain, it works better in Web Application domains as the tools are getting less esoteric with time.

* Invest time and energy regularly in the talent you have, and above all get them learn when to pause and sharpen their toolsets, knowledge. 

* Encourage them to publish their work anywhere regularly. Consider soft rewards.

* Finally, connect your business acumen with their engineering abilities so that they can learn your domain.

I hope this short list helps. I agree this is not Silicon Valley and yet the talent you will find here is better. It takes time, patience, nudging in the right direction and more than anything the willingness to "Scratch your own Itch" to acquire a product mindset.

Best regards,


Thanks Santosh. Finally, someone understands :-)


Great inputs.


Interesting part about hiring freshers. I wonder how entrepreneurs balance the need for speed with the kind of patience/time it requires to (re)train freshers. How has your experience been? Are you still able to attain a reasonable iteration and development speed?


Thank you again. This is very helpful.


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