Where to find developers suitable for a startup/product environment?

I have recently moved to Pune after living in the US for 14 years and working on my 2nd tech startup, this time for the medical services industry.

Pune seems to have a good concentration of developers but most of them operate in services industry catering to western clients and hence are very used to the standard SDLC/PRD, etc. The mindset required for a startup especially for product development is very different where frequent changes in direction, rapid code changes, etc. are required.

Seeking inputs from fellow entrepreneurs in Pune on where they find suitable developers and how do they go about recruiting them?

My initial thoughts are to hire bright, high IQ, high energy, right aptitude and attitude type of individuals who don't fear change and can very quickly learn. Am I asking for too much? Should I lower my expectations and make peace with the fact that this is not Silicon Valley?


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Dear Mitesh,

Please connect with me at 9953278332 or write to me vineethrd2015@gmail.com


Vineet Kumar

Hi, I am interested to work with you, I have 12 years in IT industry, worked on different technologies and different companies. Worked as Team lead, technical lead, Scrum master and Project management.

Involved in client interaction, requirement gathering, SDLC  and Agile, recruitment and application architect.

Previously I started my own software firm but due to no profile no loss I closed it.

I will be really happy to work with you if possible.

Please let me know your feedback.

+91 8975671124, +91 7020191547


Can we discuss sir?


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