Where do you buy your groceries online? I've found these vendors so far in Pune,


BigBasket.com (launched December 20, 2014).




Nature's Basket.


Pulses n Beans.





Do share your experiences, good and bad.

I made a purchase online with Pulses n Beans on Jan. 26th (2014) and I had an overall good experience. There were some points to watch out for,
1. They won't deliver on holidays, I received my delivery the next day.
2. Not all the items advertised online have the correct price. On delivery, the bill presented had a different amount than the bill I received after completing my order online.
3. If some of the items online are not available, they will call you to let you know that you can choose to replace them.

4. There are errors on the website when adding items to cart.

Apart from the above, the experience with them was smooth enough to suggest that you can try it as well. The order was delivered correctly to my residence in Shivajinagar.



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Dear Santosh,

Add one more to list,

Naturesfeast.in (Starting registration from 31st of jan) 

This brand will give Pune as National coverage. We are coming in 30 cities across India Pune being the first in Launching mode. 

Thanks for your comment. Will wait for you to go live.


This is the one that use frequently. Service is good though last few occasions I have faced some glitches. But overall happy with the service.

Website is OK OK. This is exclusively for vegetables.

I am regular on Punexpress.com and UI, service is good.

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll give them a shot as well.

just try out this website for fresh vegetables and fruits

www.punemandai.com  for Pune area

www.sadalesfresh.com   for Kolphapur 

Thanks Santosh for mentioning www.punexpress.com

Thank you for starting this service Roshan. I'd love to try you guys out but you're not delivering to Shivajinagar sadly.

Best regards,


Try rationhut.com. I ordered from it last month. smooth delivery.

-= Mandar

Thanks, I've added them to my list and will try them out.

cool. Thanks Santosh for sharing a consolidated list here

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Add one more. ordermygrocery.com. I have a decent experience I have bought groceries from them twice


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