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Unlike what I otherwise write, this is not a 'how to' post rather this is a 'I need some advice' post. So if you are reading this, I'll need your advice.

Here's the scenario:

I wrapped my three and a half year old business, last month. Gave back my office and let go of my staff, read my last rites. And walked off.

So, why did I do it?

Simply put, I lost the fire and I couldn't fake a 'vision' for the company. I couldn't lie to myself and push myself.

After the initial relief of doing what felt right, a fear crept into me. The fear of what next. I still feel it.For two weeks post my pack up, I sat paralyzed by the idea that I have to take up a job. Shit, how does one do that!

So after a lot of thinking and overcoming inertia, I made my CV. I never imagined doing that again.Went back to my old outdated Naukri and Monster account and uploaded my CV.

When I wrote my CV, I was thinking to myself - look at me I'm this guy with 9 years of collective experience in sales, advertising and running my own design business, companies will snatch me like that. 

But all I hear are crickets.

To be honest I don't even know what post to apply for. Suddenly I feel my experience is far too general from what is being offered out there.

So, if you are still reading, please tell me what you think I should do? or what would you do in my situation.

So, if you are still reading this, please tell me what you think I should do? Or what would you do in my situation?

Nishchal | 095 45 86 33 44 | Pune

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The situation is not worse or bad. You are in-fact in very good position. If you have done business for more than 3 years you know in and out. Instead of searching job you can start new business as starting new is exciting and you will feel the same enthusiasm. Getting JOB is also the option but do you really think, the person with entrepreneur mindset can go long with job ?  

All the best !! Remember its been rehearsed from time to time being positive opens doors to unknown and exciting. 


Kunal D.

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Hi Nischal,

I can very well understand your situation. I have been through this a month back where I decided to quit my ecommerce venture and than it felt the sky has fallen on me. I had no clue what to do. Even I had started looking for job and fortunately got one offer also. But it didn't stick my mind and heart to go for a job. I rather decided to give an another shot and have started a small web shop. 

I hope you will also find something interesting. In the world of business, you never know when opportunity will strike you so you have to be going on and grab the first one.



CoderKube Technologies


Hi Nishchal,

I am sure, having run your own business for over three years you have plenty to offer. Complimentary skills are always required and I have seen many co-founder kind of openings on this forum itself. 

All the best.


I'd like to offer an alternative from the binary situation of job vs business.

For some time, just to get you back into gear, step away from the world of money, and spend some time doing service and self exploration. Please visit one of the many great social sector orgs in Pune and volunteer to just be with them for a few days and help out in any which way. Also, look out for workshops on topics like self-discovery, reflection, finding inner strengths, understanding the world, etc. There's something or the other happening all the time. Go for the ones which are free or charging very little that you're sure is only covering the running costs of the event. Look for things that are happening in another city, and travel by bus or train : the very act of traveling has a great sorting-out effect. Merge that with staying over at an old friend's place.. it'll be great to catch up, to listen to what all is going on in someone else's life. And then to really get out of the stifling confines of urban life, there's the volunteer-tourism option: Go to an off-grid place like an organic farm / eco-construction and volunteer there. Some hands-on activity in the midst of nature is a terrific detox. Please get in touch with me if you're interested in exploring any of these things. One place I'll highly recommend that's very near Pune :

Great idea!  Nischal, if you or anyone else is interested in joining Rotary, do contact me - 9370131365

Not a very great situation/ post to ask someone to join rotary.

My suggestions are similar to Nikhil. Take a break. Since you mentioned you felt that you didn't have vision at a certain point, I think you should to avoid web of frantic activities and take time to reflect.

Ask yourself "why" were you doing what you were doing and explore what really drives you, energizes you,  and then see how you can do more and more of that. In essence, ponder how you can align your "doing" with your "being". 

IMHO, the question is not so much about "What I should do?" (I am sure you can think of multiple options/answers to this question), but deeper question is perhaps "What I really want to do?" I would request you to spend some time in self-exploration before you decide on what you really want to do.

Here is a link to "journey of self exploration" posts that I wrote few months ago -

If any of that resonates and if you'd like to meet and discuss, let's meet over a cup of coffee! :-)

Hello Nischal,

I am no expert to suggest what you should or should not do however I applaud your efforts in writing the above post and opening up to the world. You have already taken the first step of moving on by writing the above post. Good luck for all your future endeavors. 

It is depend on your personal financial situation. If you(your family) can survive without income for next 18 months, Go for business. Unless this is not your second failure. If it is your second failure, don't go for business again. You may not be able to survive again. Right now you are "Jack of All, Master of None".  Even you have nine years of experience you may not be valued equal to 9 years of work - ex folk. You can join an early stage start - up and they may offer you VP - AVP position in their design department. 

Sorry for harsh reply but this is truth. 

At the end of the day decision is yours!! All the best!!

Honestly. Now you are at a perfect spot to become a great entrepreneur. 99% of great entrepreneurs in the world failed in their 1st venture. 

Now, lets start with basics - what are you good at? what went wrong with your previous business? 

Once you answer these two questions (to youself) - then next question would be what are my options to do something I am good at. One possible option is - start a job somewhere which definitely not bad and that will give you some time to think. Other option is - start freelancing or business again and go bit slow. 

It is good that you stopped your previous business. Sometime it is better to stop and press RESET button rather than to beat around the bush. 

Take a vacation. Go to goa or something. This is the best time to chill and enjoy. 


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