First of all, wish you all a prosperous, fulfilling and delightful 2014.

We are curious what each one of you is looking to in this new year. Why don't you share it here?

Let me start with myself..

We are changing gears in more than one ways.

Starting Jan 2014, we are launching a new Consultancy offering augmenting our Kommbox product. The idea is to take responsibility to deliver the benefits that we claim an improvement in a communication system can achieve. I am now looking to create success stories out of the first few customers.

Secondly, we have a way to do software projects (web apps presently) with a factory approach. We are now opening up to software companies other than my own to help them execute their software projects better.

In general, I am going to get out of the 4 walls of my company and work more closely with people from other companies for mutual benefit.

Open to comments, criticism, referrals, partnerships etc as always!

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Great. Would be interested in talking to you.

Great idea Ashish and all the best with your endeavour. 

Here is am article from the "First Round Review" folks summarizing their 2013 work that I really liked. Lots of ideas and inspiring stories that we could take and apply to our own work and life.

Happy New Year to everybody.

Hey Rahul. Thanks for putting it up here. The article is wonderful and a must read for all entrepreneurs here at POCC.

I have started blogging as a new hobby. I am techie and thats what I am blogging about. Till now it has been great and I am addicted to it. It feels great when people actively read what you have to say. is my blog. 

A very happy new year to one and all :)

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