Hello web application developers,

 I would like to check if any one can help me for a web application development project. It is a concept and I would like to get this developed . I am open for giving around 5-7 % equity to the developers for the development , maintenance , support and enhancement of the web application. I understand and would like to be honest with developers that this arrangement may give some reasonable gains if concept get some favorable traction in the market but initially it will be at risk for developers to make any substantial  monetary gains, but I can pay them around 20K for development work irrespective of failure or success of concept.

2-5 years of open source web application and UI development experience with ability to  implement event based SMS and email notifications, Payment gateway, Graphs, Dashboard etc. will be required in this projects

 Please mail me your details if anyone is interested  Regards  ajaygoutam@yahoo.com

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20k, u wont get it. if u pay peanut u'll get monkeys :)

Shailender I Appreciate your feedback  and I totally agree with you. How much do you think I should pay ?


Remember 5% Equity is also there in addition to that !!!

Hi  Ajay,

We are a good team of developers which can suit your requirements. Please drop me an email and we can discuss further.


Looking forward to hear from you.


Pallavi Phadke.


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