Hi All,

    I have more than 5 years of experience working  with top internet companies in the world, and developed some of the products which are getting serve to more than 50 million users a day. Recently me and my friend quit our job and started a startup, we are developing a product Magento Manager, it a a desktop product for online Magento stores, we put this idea on our website and got 127 inquires(without doing advertising), and many people wanted this software as soon as possible and there is a huge potential for this product, there are more than 200,000 websites build on magento platform. and 116 are getting added on every month.

   Now we have a situation, we are building this product in Adobe Air, for making this product available for Mac, Windows and Linux  as we don't have experience of building building software on Adobe Air we hire two Adobe Air programmers in Mumbai and our development progress is very slow,  We want advise from somebody who has experience building software in adobe air, we are also open for joining that person as a co-founder if he has very good experience in developing adobe air application.

   Also please advise if we should find a angel or first build product and get some traction. 

Your response will be greatly appreciated.

:Pankaj K

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Hey, good to see a helping hand from the Pune startup community.

Thank you for your reply, I would like to meet you, I have send a friends request to you.

Thank you,for your help. I have your contact details I will contact you soon.

Hi Pankaj, 

Nice to read about your project, in this project you may be in need of services of a Chartered Accountant. we would be glad to help you. please contact me with your requirement and for any support. you can send me email at anand.joshi@anrk.in or call me on 9371849699.

Best of luck for your Start up

Currently we are just starting, I will definitely need your help after some days, I have your details, whenever I need I will contact you. Thank you!


hey thank for your interest.

Hi pankaj,

Contact me. I have something that will speed you up.


Please get in touch with Debasish Bouri, stays in pune. Do check his portfolio from www.colorbracket.com . One of the classy adobe air developer I came across who maintains web standards.

He has 3 products most of them at hit in the market.. His Email ID: totonz@gmail.com




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