Hi All,

    I have more than 5 years of experience working  with top internet companies in the world, and developed some of the products which are getting serve to more than 50 million users a day. Recently me and my friend quit our job and started a startup, we are developing a product Magento Manager, it a a desktop product for online Magento stores, we put this idea on our website and got 127 inquires(without doing advertising), and many people wanted this software as soon as possible and there is a huge potential for this product, there are more than 200,000 websites build on magento platform. and 116 are getting added on every month.

   Now we have a situation, we are building this product in Adobe Air, for making this product available for Mac, Windows and Linux  as we don't have experience of building building software on Adobe Air we hire two Adobe Air programmers in Mumbai and our development progress is very slow,  We want advise from somebody who has experience building software in adobe air, we are also open for joining that person as a co-founder if he has very good experience in developing adobe air application.

   Also please advise if we should find a angel or first build product and get some traction. 

Your response will be greatly appreciated.

:Pankaj K

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My 2 cents:

1. Since you have decided to use Adobe Air for your product- at least one of you guys should hands on with the tool.

2.  Try and get a few  firm commitments from the 127 inquiries and build the product to solve real problem they face.

3. Build a prototype/ MVP before you approach the angels.

Thank you for your valuable suggestions, 

  1. Unfortunately we both don't have experience on Adobe air, but we have friends who are helping us building this product who knows adobe air very well, besides that we are also looking for a good Adobe air/flex developer who can join us either on payroll/co-founder
  2. from 127 inquiries we are contacting them and getting more information on what problems they are facing, some of them have their own companies and want to sell to their customers who are demanding this type of product.
  3. we are building MVP but our development is very slow as we don't have full time developer, so we are in a problem of first to build product or get good investment. though we are not stopping development if we don't get investment but investment will boost the product development.

Thank you,

1. I think you should reconsider you choice of technology/ platform as this has long term implications. It really helps if at least 1 founding member is hands-on- You may partner/ outsource some part of devlopment and would still have control on things.

2. Spend some time talking to these leads, find a few really interested in your product and willing to help you with insights in the process

3. Raising capital is effort intensive. You will have to invest good portion of your time/ energy chasing investors and the investors will demand an arm and a leg to fund idea stage company. Try to do a friends and Family type round, if possible.

For technology choice, I found Adobe Air is good fit, we checked JavaFX, and TideSDK but both are not mature as Adobe Air, 

We are realizing your second point that will really clear a picture who will actually ready to spend the money. this will be very much helpful.

  We have some friends ready to invest in this product but I want someone who has industry knowledge and guide us in many ways, but after your comment I really want to focus on building a MVP, and hiring good part time developers who can work on it

Thank you.

Cheers! All the Best.

If your idea is good and already some people know about it, then you do not afford to go slow on it, in my humble opinion.

I agree with BT that at least one of you needs to know Adobe air. If not, find a good outsourcing partner.

If you are finding resource problems with Adobe air, then you may want to reconsider the technology -- in Java world there are 3 frameworks to choose from: JFC swing, SWT and the new JavaFX. Then there is the QT library based on C++. All these technologies have been around for a while, and you may be able to find resources more easily for these.

Finding an angel is a very good option if you are short on money, but most angels will not look at you -- especially before you have anything solid to show. Do you know someone from your friends / family who can see your passion and believe in you enough to fund you?

Thank you for your reply,

     Unfortunately both of us are not master in Adobe Air, we tried to learn it but, go stuck on many times as our background is web, this Adobe Air is completely Event driven, but we hire two developers from Mumbai and up till now they have developed 60% of MVP, but I am not happy with the progress and the code quality, We tried JavaFX but as per our understanding its not as mature as Adobe Air, but as per current situation we can not switch the technology, as we want to test our MVP by giving to users and getting feedback from them, but I will definitely try JFC swing, SWT, and QT for C++, 

  We wanted a Angel investor for getting some fund so that we can speedup our development by hiring 1 full time developer. but it seems we have to get some traction first

BTW, have you looked at PlanetRIA folks? They have an entry (row #16) in Pune Startups 2013 yearbook https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgfqWMPB4DeTdG9WdWs5ck...

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation, and you should do your own evaluation. However, Pune startups using services of other Pune startups is a good idea, isn't it?

It seems they have the skills for what we want to build, I will definitely contact them,

Thank you for the suggestion!

Hey Pankaj, 

Thank you for sharing your progress so far.

Also please advise if we should find a angel or first build product and get some traction. 

Short answer: traction.

Here's my $0.02. I would take what you've already done and begin extending it to determine the following high-level facts about the business you're getting into,

#1 What are the version(s) of Magento you will be targeting with your v1?

#2 How many free / paid / enterprise customers are using those versions?

#3 How much would they pay for your product for it to be attractive? Is there a freemium model here?

#4 What would be needed for your team to start channeling awareness to leads, leads to sales from these customers to prove #3?

An angel investor will seek answers to these questions in any case. So, it's good if you knew what would be needed to answer them. I'd recommend making progress in this direction. While some customer interest is good, it's better to convert that interest into commitments and I think you guys are already ahead of the curve but not there all the way yet. Customer interest alone is not a clear signal that you've got a product that will sustain itself. Nevertheless - great progress without a product.

Best regards,


Thank you very much for your reply, 

These points will be very helpful for us, your point "Customer interest alone is not a clear signal that you've got a product that will sustain itself." has stuck me, and we will definitely go ahead, understand there problems and try to know how much will they pay for this type of product. 

hey Pankaj, just saw your discussion threads. I am a tech archi and an entrpnr. and knows the technologies you are talking about. I think your problem is not on the technology front but, i see it as  - execution of the technical work in a better way. so that it should be fast. As you mentioned u have devs but working slow.

Its a question about getting the work done properly from the resources.

Anyways, lets connect. And see where the mess is and clean the shit. and lets build a better product.




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