i have a very nice idea and full business plan. but i don't have any background in this field. i want guidance who have experience in this ecommerce field. and also require webpage developers who build our ecommerce website or online store.


Sumit Desai.



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Connect at letstalk@ziuby.com or www.ziuby.com

Hello Sumit,

Please check www.kartrocket.com

Hey Sumit,

We are group of 4 techies and planning to start an e-commerce startup.

We can take the complete Idea forward.

If you are open to discussion please mail me @ anand.sadawarte@gmail.com and we all can shape things.



I have read the details.It is great idea.For eCommerce ,you can use Woocommerce,Magento or custom core PHP.By the way what is your product?Actually it will depends how many is your product?

Please check below few of OUR work,

WordPress Woocommerce:

1) http://revoltdigital.co.uk/

2) http://dreamboard.my/wilda2013/

3) http://www.emma-miller.com/

Magento: (e-commerce)

1) http://www.jewellty.com/ (B2B)

2) http://www.bobalifeusa.com/dev/

Can we discuss? Please add me into your skype.




Hi Sumit Desai, If you want start ecommerce business just check out my answers at quora. https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-legal-steps-required-to-start-a-... I am sure it will give good solutions to you.


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