Please write to us if you'd like to take on the role of a volunteer editor - moderator on this forum. This not a paid position and in order to qualify for the position you must have contributed to community or to social in some way in your past. Having a startup is not necessary to qualify, but is certainly a bonus.

The role requires selection of topics for the front page, moderation of forum topics and new members amongst other things. It takes up at the least 2 to 4 hours spread out over a working week.

We are looking for two volunteers. This is a great opportunity to be the face of Pune's largest and growing digital community for entrepreneurs.

Please reply in the comments below with your brief introduction, your contact email address and interest in the position.

Best regards,
Santosh Dawara. 

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Hey Santosh,

I an interested to volunteer. I have a start-up under the name of PropLens. Kindly let me know if I can help. You can reach me on

Thank you.

Ar. Anup M

Hi Santosh, 

I am interested in the position. I have contributed to the community in form of effort and donation in the past, have worked for NGOs as volunteer to set up their IT infrastructure etc. I am presently working towards starting my own business. Would like to contribute to Pune startup community so volunteering for the position mentioned. My mail id is -



Hi Santosh,

Its a good opportunity to grow the network. I would like to contribute to Pune startup community.

I am running a start up and working on two Products one for real estate and one for support mobile app.

I can be reach on mobile at 9860334359 and on email id

Please feel free to revert, if you have any query or concern.



Hello Santosh,

I am interested to volunteer. Presently, I am working as Assistant Editor, Taxsutra's Corporate law portal (, i work on the content management, sending updates to subscribers and managing the web portal. I also run my website (, its a repository of my published articles that have been published in various professional journals, business journals, newsletters / magazines, Souvenirs for various regional & national level conclaves / conferences.

Email id:

Hi Santosh,
I am interested in the position.
I am currently running a startup into designing & Printing Services by the name Print Source (
Previously, I was associated as a founder member & treasurer with M2K (Man 2wards Kindness) a social group in Cognizant. And I have contributed to the community in form of effort and donation in the past. Would like to contribute to Pune startup community.
My mail id is
Rajender Singh

Hi Santosh,


I am keenly interested in this opportunity as this belongs to my area of interest.  To introduce myself I run my own training & Placement firm with name Chilly Staffing Solutions and also Managing partner of Royal Waves Entertainment. Also have published books in the area of economics & foreign trade. Around 8+ yrs of teaching experience in a leading Management college in Pune. You may reach to me at  Looking forward to it.




Hi Santosh,

I would like to volunteer too :)

I have two startups- and Pamfy App. I like writing, I have my own blogs and I write on some other forums as well. I run a meetup group- Pune Startups and Entrepreneurs (1600+ Members). Would like the opportunity to edit- moderate and be more involved in this awesome community. Here's my email Id: 



Hi Santosh,

I would be interested in  the same, having a Non- IT start up have come a full circle and can mentor and coach.

Strong futuristic Technology support i am sure, i will have in this forum. you can mail me

Thanks & regards,

Palini - Quantum Human Resource Consulting

Hi Santosh,
I would love to volunteer for the forum


Thank you for your generous replies. I'll be getting in touch with each one of you. Please allow me for some time to reach out to you.


tks for the information about 'editor - moderator "  . it will be interesting to  participate in the forum , though i ma not very clear what the role will be or  what kind of topics that we will  come up , it its technological  stuff i will be out of sorts . 

i have wide ranging experience in NON - IT  industry form management training , to construction to guidingt he start ups . .

am a certified  life coach and  have several small service industry units in different stages of development 

if i can be of any help to budding  Entrepreneurs it will be great .!!

my email id is and hand phone is  9822016672 .


sunil thakur


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