Hi All

Introducing Vollet mobile app for android (www.vollet.in).

Vollet ver 1.0 is a loyalty card management app for smartphones.

Search you favorite loyalty card in Vollet, store the details and leave the plastic cards at home.

Vollet will eventually become a new way to connect to your local merchants so stay tuned for more updates.

Do install the android application and would love to hear from you at contact@vollet.in.

iOS app is around the corner and should be available in July.

We are looking for people, needless to say, passionate, self-motivated, startup-material, work for equity and for long term goal.


Vijender Yadav

vijenderyadav AT gmail DOT com (vijenderyadav@gmail.com)

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Android app is live : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vtech.vollet

iOS app should go live as soon as Apple approves the app.

Windows phone app should go live by end of June

Great work..Very nice application..!!!

Thanks Jaydeep!

Interesting application, good concept 

Hi Neeraj

This is targeted for release 3.0. It will require lot of field work getting buyin from the retailers. And to do that we need to build a decent user base first. So our target for 1.0 and 2.0 (coming in July) is to build user base.

Let me know if you have more ideas around this.


If i can, the concept looks awesome, but delaying the tie up with companies can be a hard route in the long term. I would say keep trying to tie up, in the pretext of not asking them for money in the initial stages and maybe even making a platform for their utilization yourself. In the end you'll get more customer numbers from one good tie up. Also if you are looking to get funds an existing tie up will go a long way. Just saying

Hi Mayank

Thanks for your feedback. Yeah you are right that we should start building the partners, but when I say that we are targetting this for version 3.0, that is because the software for such partnerships will be available in that release. We have to build the platform in several iterations and its the release 3.0 that we can show to the partners and get their attention.

The new version of app for Android is live now. iOS and Windows phone will follow shortly


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