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We take pride in offering the most comprehensive and complete range of services which includes NABL Approved Laboratory tests, servicing, repairs of transformers and substations.
We believe that having a good and informed foresight helps in the long run. To justify our belief, we inform our clients about the issues that are going to hog the limelight in the near future. But naturally we are ready with the solutions(s) for the same.

Filtration of Transformer Oil 

We filter the transformers with Medium and Ultra High Vacuum Filter Machines, till we achieve the BDV of 60KV/80KV with 2.5mm gap depending on the ratings of the transformers. The same can be witnessed by your engineers at site.

We also undertake dehydration by filtration for transformers and also do filtration for the improvement of water content and gases in the oil. We can attain water level to less than 10PPM & Dissolved Gasses to below 2%

Transformer & Substation Testing 

We are equipped to carry out Insulation Resistance Testing, Earth Resistance Testing, Acidity Testing of Transformer Oil, BDV Testers of 60KV and 100KV for the tests to be conducted at site, Tan Delta Testing, Relay Testing and Calliberation. These tests are required by the Electrical Inspectors.

We are Government Licensed Contractors and authorized to certify these tests.

Filtration of Lubricating Oils 

We filter industrial oils to be reused again viz: Quenching Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Turbine Oils, Thermic Fluids, Honning Oils, Gear Oils, Straight Cutting Oils, etc.

Onsite Maintenance of Transformers

We undertake onsite maintenance of transformers like, attending leakages, replacement of bushings, gaskets, H.V./L.V. metal parts, replacement of radiators, Painting of transformers, etc. We also carry and stock Breathers and Silica Gel.

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