And here we are in 2017 New Year by saying goodbye 2016. Well it is time a look at 2017, but What do we expect in this year? Well here we have some of digital marketing trends to look out this year.

  1. Display Ads Evolve:

In 2016, Display advertising didn’t performed well. Due to Intrusive and poorly targeted ads have visible the rise of ad blockers which tends marketers to move towards video marketing or native advertising. But both are much trickier to execute. This also suggests acceptance of video advertisements amongst customers will be increase and, as the trend continues, we could expect distinctive varieties of video advertisements will pop up on our displays very soon.

  1. Mobile First

When it comes to digital marketing trends, mobile search and optimization should be the top priority in the year 2017. However 2016 become a huge yr for mobile: as ever Google was main the way.  Google has started to drive the speed or mobile website through its AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) projects and also begin mobile SEO. So basically you really need focus on mobile website not for Google but for your user.

  1. Dedicated apps will find their way. 

A Dedicated app which is more intuitive, Convenient and offers all the features of mobile optimized website. As Now Google has offered app indexing so in the future it will bring in benefits of having a dedicated app and 2017 might be a important year in mobile app development.

  1. Content Marketing

As we know Content Marketing has been on top for the last few years to run the post. Every marketer is creating content to target their audience. Blog posts need to be one thousand words and more — short 350 words blogs are not good enough. Blogs must be above 500 words to be SEO friendly. Nowadays People want lengthy form content which help them to understand and its also help you to build trust with your target audience

  1. Facebook Will be More Relevant For Businesses

Facebook will maintain to create increasingly more opportunities for organizations to take advantage of their platform. Facebook Adshas more value than Google Ads, due to Facebook’s Powerful ad targeting features than Adwords. Nowadays, Marketers using Facebook Messenger Chat Bots to reach their potential customers by having the conversations with them.


There are many digital marketing strategies and trends which should be altered to remain in search engine giants and more importantly at the focus of user attention.

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Thanks For sharing this information. It's really nice and good. I also used that trend for my website

It's really very helpful for SEO ranking. 

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