The top landing page mistakes committed by Indian startups and how to avoid them & fix

I have met some great folks on POCC and felt the need to share this article thinking that you might find it useful. 

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Why did I feel like writing this article ?

I have provided consulting to few startups and visited more than 350+ startup page due to my involvement with IndusHunter and I couldn’t help but notice these simple mistakes which Indian startups tend to commit more often than their western counterparts.

Top Landing SEO Mistakes comitted by Indian startups

  1. Not focussing on Meta optimization of Meta Title & Meta Description at all.
  2. Non-english or undescriptive , spammy or keywords stuffing
  3. Not making it clear why people should visit their site
  4. A SEM campaign of the same site will have better description than the organic one displaying just below
  5. Site SEO says something else, twitter profile says something else and facebook profile says something else.
  6. Many sites stuffed mission statement, vision statements and about us, which was not useful or made it clear what do the startup actually do for now.

Top Landing page SEO Optimization tricks

  1. Write SEO tags like advertising copy, considering the character restrictions.
  2. The sentence should be formed such that top keywords should start on the left.
  3. Arrive at a better copy by attempting SEO titles, twitter and facebook profile together
  4. The SEO and any social profile’s description is to generate interest & visits and thus focus on call to action.
  5. Write everything in simple english “what is my site and why you should visit my site”
  6. SEO is not one time activity – so keep repeating till you get super crisp and clean statements. Review every 2-3 months once done.
  7. Keep the same strategy for all your pages, from about us to contact to blog and blog posts. Each link on your site is basically a landing page and it should have some goals and conversions

What ROI you will get optimizing your Landing page SEO?

  1. So what you would get by doing all these – you should get better clarity on goals and better results on conversions, they should improve these things a) more search impressions on search engines and b) a better CTR (click-through-ratio) and thus ultimately more traffic to your site.
  2. The same logic will apply to even social pages, if each of your pages and posts are drafted considering CTA, goal and conversion in mind.

What tools you will need to use for tracking your sites SEO?

  1. Google Webmaster - Make sure you have a site map, you clear all the errors reported and you track that your indexing is getting better day by day. For keywords keep thinking how your impressions and clicks can be improved.
  2. Google Analytics – Track the traffic on your site, are you sessions, users and page views are improving?. Who is giving you more steady traffic? SEO or Social. How you can make it even better?

Now let’s talk about your actual startup landing page

Top landing page mistakes comitted by Indian startups

  1. Unimaginative, non meaningful navigation links.
  2. Bad color choices (too much contrasting colours) and non-symmetrical pages
  3. Stuffing too much information and confusing the user
  4. Not making sure why do you exist and what actually do you do
  5. Not having a proper call to action – where do I got next and what do I do here
  6. Tall claims or putting mission statements rather that simplifying what is the current activities – products and services
  7. Not having a simple home page URL – Will explain more later
  8. Not having single case landing page url e.g.
  9. Not making use of good imagery
  10. The important information is not in the first fold (the first visible part of the html page before user starts scrolling)
  11. The landing page takes too much time to load
  12. Using foreign imageries or interactional stock photos
  13. Using too many font variations. Not just in size but even styles of font used
  14. Making fonts not readable – too much light gray or too small fonts
  15. Non responsive landing pages which won’t render properly on mobile and tablets.
  16. Not having clear headers and footers
  17. Missing important T&C & Legal links
  18. Bad contact template – the only way to reach is the form and there’s no indicatin of how to reach you otherwise (offline/social)
  19. Bad use of social presence links or making it hidden somewhere
  20. Not making good use of breathing spaces which can be done by making good use of white, gray and even black
  21. Not using modern color palette
  22. Not using modern fornts like “Google Fonts”
  23. Not focussing on Email as connection, no email newsletters. (Make them come back)

How to create a good landing page

  1. Have a clear navigation method
  2. Use good, simple and clean images to get good attention from the user.
  3. If the text is used with images, make sure that they don’t clash and is clearly visible
  4. Tell a story, make your USP (unique selling point) very clear
  5. Use good buttin colours, inspiring actions with good supportive call to action along with that button
  6. Make good use of modern and clean typography.
  7. Don’t use too many varations of fonts. Think in terms of H1, H2, H3, Normal text i.e think in terms of CSS style sheets instead of randomly assigning the fonts.
  8. Make good use of white and gray spaces, even back for that matter. The spaces in your design can make a huge impact.
  9. Have imaginitve thinking and proper use in mind for Labels, Images, Headline, Buttons and call to action
  10. When you are stuck with the ideas, go to any of the templates site (bootstrap and wordpress templates) see the trends in your industry and mix and mactch ideas and implementations
  11. Simplicity, minimalism, crispness, clarity, call to action should be your religions while designing and coding any page.
  12. Use good stock images, it’s easier said than done as there are not many good free Indian stock images for startups, like they have in west.
  13. Avoid international stock images, try to research flickr images with appropriate license, use that and give proper credit.
  14. Use proper color palette, colors which gell well together and Indian startups mind you white is a colour :)
  15. The most important information, like what you do shoudl be clear in the first fold itself or by simpe tagline next to your logo on the header section itself.
  16. Simplify your Navigation by using right structure and hierarchy
  17. Incorporate social links properly. They all should be together, you can use icons and can put them in the footer or header of the site where they look elegant and do not clash with anything else.
  18. Make your header and footer both clear and make it a collection of links to reach to almost all important sections of your site
  19. The legal and terms section should always be reachable
  20. Browse, browse, get inspired, copy, paste and tweak. Don’t re-invest the wheel instead implement the best practices.

Tools to make your landing pages better

  1. ProductHunt – get inspired by the latest product startups
  2. IndusHunter - producthunt for India (shamless plug, what else?). Look at latest Indian startups.
  3. StockUp – Search the best free stock photo websites in one place. Don’t they make there USP very clear right there on top
  4. Land-book – product landing page gallery
  5. Bootsrtapzero – Bootstrap Themes and Templates
  6. Themeforest – WordPress and website templates.
  7. Flickr – Hunt for good images with right license.

Some good (random) examples of Indian startup / product sites

  1. ClearTrip - Godfather of Indian clean and minimal design trend
  2. – They reinvented the real estate category with simple desgn and good data.
  3. Magicbricks – Reinventing with reinvented landing page
  4. Hiveminds – Even white can be a color and spaces can construct elegance.

Thank you for the read. Let’s discuss this more in the comments. 

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