Dear Friends,

I sent out an email to all members asking some testimonials and you have been so very nice to send out so many testimonials. Below are a few that I have received in just one hour. In case you have not sent in your testimonial yet you can write your testimonail in reply to this post. Thanks so much for being a great community. You guys rock.

A special thanks to Santosh for founding this community. And thanks to all the volunteers for making this a great success everyday. 

- Keerthi

Here are the testimonials: 

"I have been POCC member  when I was starting my entrepreneurial journey, I think its been about a year now. Through POCC  I have been able to leverage its network of members and connect with like minded people. Be it any discussion, hiring, finding a co founder, looking for a solution, I am able to do it all. Moreover its affiliations has helped me be updated about various initiatives in the ecosystem and participate in events and exhibitions."- Anshul Goenka

"The Mesh is a Coworking Space, based out of Pune. We also are happen to be Pune's First. We casually put up our services and offerings on POCC and have been getting in a lot of startups and ​entrepreneurs inquiring with us! We even have people who have joined our community! POCC is an awesome platform for entrepreneurs to connect on a more micro level. Its personalized and friendly. We recently participated in the recent Startup Futsal League and were delighted to find them as one of the Sponsors! Here is wishing them all the luck!"- Deepti Kasbekar 

"I relocated to Pune from US about 1.5 years ago and was looking to grow my venture in India. I found a good advisor for my startup via POCC. This was helpful in expanding my India network, fundraising etc."- Sriram Subramanian

"POCC is an incredibly useful platform for Pune based entrepreneurs, especially those who are getting their feet wet in entrepreneurship. I was able to bounce ideas off others who have the experience of having done that before, for appropriateness of technology, appropriateness of business models, knowing trustworthy vendors when I needed services or just to know that there is a forum available if I ever need help is a great feeling to have. When I was building Khojpal, a local social media application, the help these members provided was invaluable." - Suhas Patil

"POCC is doing a great job in online business leading to interactions for businesses, startup communication, investor approach and also job opportunities which are really great. I love POCC, they are doing fabulous work"- Vikas Mantute

"The day I register (Feb 2016) in POCC, I got a Sales lead and on the next day I got a contact who is currently working on my project.
Also we got information on latest events, where we can sponsor/participate and build networking ties as well. POCC provides excellent platform to associate with like-minded entrepreneurs where doing business is fruitful. I would like to congratulate the founder members for initiating this concept."- Siddharth Kothari

"POCC has helped my startup in many ways, primarily for finding right consultants (tax, graphics, office-space) and hiring right set of resources/freelancers.
Also, in the initial days it helped us bounce our idea with people and get honest feedback."
- Ashish Chaturvedi
"After 20+ years in the US, I moved back to Pune in 2009 with no particular agenda apart from thinking of doing 'something new'.  I somehow got to know about POCC and went to one of the meetings.  Met a few interesting people there who introduced me to an accomplished entrepreneur.  That led to me founding a Pune-based VC fund.  And that fund led to my current work as a VC in India's largest cleantech-focused fund.  It all started from that one POCC meeting.
In my first fund, an entrepreneur came to me for funding.  I worked very closely with him for his business due-diligence.  In the process, we hit it off well and instead of funding, he asked me to join him in his venture.  That's how I am part of my entrepreneurial venture in world-class LED fixture design and manufacturing.  Again, the source of all this was that POCC meeting.
My wife started a restaurant in Pune in 2009 and I promised to help her.  Along with food, we used to organise many cultural and entrepreneurial events and that's how we had a strong POCC customer base." - Anil M. Paranjape

"Its truly said a lot can happen over coffee , and its amazing how you meet new people doing different things in life . Such platforms are really good to connect with young open minded entrepreneurs ready to learn interact and help others to grow mutually." - Ankita shroff

"POCC Forum and Meetings have been very good for networking opportunities. The presentations have been insightful and provided guidance to hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs . Its true that some of the best things in life come free." - Sandeep Jain

"Beginning of entrepreneurship journey, I got benefited by way of attending the session arranged by POCC team.
When ever I need any help and if I post in POCC forum 90% of the time I got great responses and helps as well.
We have comfort feeling that we get the right resources to connect with and right Guidance from POCC. 
POCC platform is really great way to network with people as well." - Parag Mulgund
"It's my privilege to write this- POCC is the right platform where the Startup Founders can share there views and get the right feedback each time. - Rahul Ramesh Patil
"Pune OpenCoffee Club is the ultimate startup community of Pune. Our startup Townscript is in the event space and whenever we wanted to reach out to startup community, Pune Open Coffee Club always helped us out. It has always been very useful for us as a startup. Pune Open Coffee Club has given a platform to us to showcase our product. Thanks a lot!" - Sanchit Malik
"I have personally and professionally been very benefited from POCC and it's events, especially "my story" and Internship Mela and the members of POCC have been very supportive in my entrepreneurial journey. Very grateful to POCC."- Ashish Patil
"Its been great to be connected with POCC, I am a member since 1 year & it has been a great helping forum for many of the startups like us. We shall continue to be a part forever & build it more stronger."- Ankush Bansal
"POCC has helped me in many ways like-
Connection: as robust as facebook or any major social network
*Talking to people and making my ideas, my views, my execution clear 
*Getting contacts through pocc friends of mine
*The moment I ping something in POCC I get so many calls and requests in regards to my query or requirements.
*The pocc meet that we meet for a coffee is just fantastic and get to see new faces in every meetup
*POCC has provided me mentors who mentor me for my business and business related activities" - Pratik Sharma
"I attended one of the POCC events last year, and I must say I was impressed by the calibre of entrepreneurs on the group. 
I have also benefited tremendously from the one-on-one assistance that entrepreneurs are willing to provide each other - something I've missed in some of the other start-up/entrepreneur networks. I think there's a genuine desire to help one another, vs one upmanship that I've noticed in other places.
Keep up the good work at POCC! I hope to keep benefiting and also giving back to the POCC community in some way in the future."- Saket Khanna
"I was a Technology Analyst at Infosys, Pune and used to meet many people at Pune Open Coffee Club for inspiration, startup idea discussions. Then I got the idea to make fashion social network Mallstory which gave me strength to leave Infosys. POCC has helped me a lot in defining my persona, confidence, strategy and today my fashion app has 450 users. Kudos POCC! "- Shalin Jirawla

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When I moved to Pune, Navin Kabra invited me to the POCC meets. There was nothing to lose. When I attended, I could find very high quality discussions, straight from the heart, by founders for founders. That got me hooked and I became a regular. I am thankful to have an opportunity to lead POCC from the front in the later years. I try my best to help the members as much as I got helped myself. I am thankful for the friends I made through POCC, and the entrepreneurial energy that I could witness as a leader.

POCC is an amazing platform where one can get help in a matter of minutes. Also, being the largest community of entrepreneurs, the POCC events page happens to be the goto place where one can catch everything that's happening in Pune.

Ashish, we thank you for helping POCC where it is today. Thanks so much. 

Here are few more testimonials: 

"I got immense help. I specifically remember these-
1. In early days of my startup journey, i got to meet Sanjay & Kailash Katkar of QuickHeal. Since our earlier app- smsBlocker was in security domain, I got lot of tips, help from Katkar brothers. This was possible because of that first meeting.
2. My rented office got sold and all of sudden I needed to look for alternate office space. I quickly found one shared office on POCC. That owner of the office (Dr Parag Mankikar) & I never met/knew each other. But POCC was common trustworthy platform for us do the deal.
And many more small instances. That is the reason I am so keen to contribute back to POCC in whatever way I can"- Sagar Bedmutha
"For an entrepreneur and specially first gen ones...we need to get ourselves heard and get feedback from the tribe. POCC is that place where you can get a quick n easy feedback about things, which I like the most about it."- Mayank Sharma
"It has been very instrumental in introducing our startup to the other startup fellows in Pune. It is a nice concept and a great portal about everything startups." - Manoj Potdar

"I have been active follower of POCC since my early days of entrepreneurial stint in 2011. POCC was and is the only consistent forum for Startups in Pune. You name the problem and POCC has it, if not the solution, for sure the concrete direction. This is the power of community well managed and driven by POCC folks. Hats off to them, a true contribution to the startup community." - Sudhir


I am Hemant Jain, a social media marketing professional & i regularly active on pocc. Its a good platform for startups in pune and it also helps in lead generation. I made many new friends in pune through pocc and we help each other to get leads, sales, new client. I got many new clients for SMM, Seo, Digital Marketing through pocc. Currently i got associated with Mike Robotics and they are building a messenger app using AI & NLP. I got the opportunity for online marketing with them.

Thanks Pocc Team for wonderful platform.


Hemant Jain

Here are some more testimonials:
"I am a very recent member of POCC. The day I joined POCC I got to know about the Villgro Unconvention/L national pitch completion from The POCC site. I applied and was selected in the final 6, and was able to pitch in the Pune event. Though we did not win the cash prize, we got very good suggestions, made new business collaborations and are in talks with some VC for funding. So in a short while that I have been a part of POCC, we have benefited immensely. Besides, the environment at POCC is very supportive and vibrant..exactly what a start up like us is looking for! So kudos to the team."- Dr Renuka Diwan
"I have been active on PuneStartups groups since 2008. Be it organizing smaller community meeting, various skill development activities, business networking or just meeting like-minded people, POCC has been able to help in all of these. My biggest support that I received from POCC was contributing my skills as an entrepreneur to learn and support at the same time to my fellow entrepreneurs."- Rohit Lalwani

One more:

"I am very much benefited from POCC. I got different contacts eastablished, I came to know the requirements of start ups, got 3 contracts from It. It has everything- If you want CA, CS, Website Designing, Insurance, Legal, financial all types of professionals. Also articles published by some professionals are worth reading and motivatings."- Aarti Deshpande

Here's some more thank you words for POCC:

"Firstly thanks for making a platform for all the Punekars, be it entrepreneurs, job seekers, event managers or any individual that is searching for inspiration to start his own work. For me POCC has been one of the few reasons that I made me take Pune as the first city to start my company, in a scenario where Bangalore, Delhi or even Hyderabad seems to be more startup friendly cities. I was living in Kuwait and it was too hard to understand things from there about the prospect of different cities. With POCC I not only got the understanding of how the environment is in Pune along with that I got to interact with people so as to understand how to make the next move. Social Networking is always a key to know beyond what a person thinks, and POCC is one of the best examples of that. Be it Quara or Your Story, where people come to know about startups and get their questions answered, POCC has an edge as it allows us to interact with each other and let a helping hand out for the new budding minds and creative souls. For the Pune Startup Community, POCC is working as the major point of connection  and we are thankful to all the people who take initiative to make this environment more conducive."- Sherin M Thomas

Thanks Keerthi for the mention. I'm just humbled by the sheer amount of responses and the love that the community is returning.

From the outset I've tried to back the idea that this community should be community-owned and for the benefit of startups. I'm glad that by having you, Nikhil and Nikhil at the head of the community, the core idea of being community-owned is served and elevated. In the same way, POCC has had many, many contributors throughout its journey. Including Ashish, Navin, SICSR, Jayesh, Amod, Mandar, Saurabh and so many more. As you can imagine not all of them can be mentioned by name.

Glad to have your leadership and looking forward to a strong year! Immensely proud to be a part of POCC.

Of course Santosh, there are so many people who have contributed to the success of this community. Proud to be a part of POCC. 

Great to join POCC & my first meetup was at I2IT Hinjewadi conducted by Mr. Keerthi Kadam, it was a great event meeting with some of the startups, people with Vision to startup from different fields & knowing each other.

POCC is an excellent platform for startups/to meet with different people from various fields, share our business thoughts/ideas and expand each others business. This is a best place where we can get good speakers, solution to our business, good resources for our business & partners as well.

Some of the important things that i got from POCC are:

- Got connected and interacted with some technical/management people.

- Opportunity to attend some of the entrepreneur/startup business meetings.

- Opportunity to post our requirements & get expected resources.

- Opportunity to expand the business.

Great to see POCC connecting with different/no. of startups, sharing their details with all other members which is helping to grow everyone's business.

Hats Off to all the members of POCC for their initiative and great work towards bringing all the startups at one place & making them to grow together!!

Last but not least...I suggest to all new startups/people with ideas to startup, to connect with POCC, meet with different people and grow your business in a professional way...

Thanks & Regards,

Manish Deshmukh


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