Dear friends,

If you have a startup and are trying to market your product or service please get in touch with me. 

We will list your product or service for free. Of course, we can discuss on the fees to get buyers for your product or service. We will strategically list it on our site: and get some buyers for you.

Your product price may cost from Rs.100 to Rs.1 crore we will list it and bring domestic and/or foreign buyers for you. 

Here's my email ID:



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Sure Keerthi. Would let you know.

hey.. i want to add my product on your portal..

kindly give detailed process fot that on



Hi Sanjay,

I just looked at your site: Looks great!

What you could do is provide your service on our Multiples of Rs.100 - Rs.100X tab. You can get buyers or clients for websites ranging from Rs.100 to any limit in multiples of Rs.100. The clients will discuss their budget and finalize their project with you on our site. This is how you can list your service:

Please register and activate your account.

1. Login after activating your account
2. Go to "Create Service" on top right hand side
3. Upload the picture of your service first and then crop it please (do not forget to crop the image)
4. Select option: b) Multiples of Rs.100
5. Write a catchy title and a description about your service.
6. Select Number of days you will deliver the service in.
7. Write instructions for the buyer
8. Click Create 
9. Click OK when you see a pop up "Service Created Successfully" 
You should see your service on top under Rs.100X tab.
Let your friends know about this site so that they can also create any service for Rs.100 or Multiples of Rs.100:
Please let me know if you have trouble creating your service.
All the best.

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