The world we live in today prioritizes speed and efficiency over everything else, and people have an increasingly virtual existence. Facebook, Email, Whatsapp and Skype are bywords for communication today, and face-to-face interaction is hugely undervalued. In business, time is money and that is a law etched in stone.

But it does make one wonder whether digital communication is making people feel more disconnected due to its impersonal nature? We understood this fact closely that there is an intensity and genuineness in face-to-face interactions that is unparalleled. Driving this point home, we decided to have a similar event where we could meet up with some of our clients.

Zepo held their Customer Success Meetup on the 21st of May, 2016.

The Customer Support team at Zepo met up with 22 clients, all under one roof at Starbucks, Powai.

  • Our customers were used to interacting via phone calls and emails with our Customer Support team, but we wanted to change that. Assigning a face behind the voice aided the relativity between our clients and our Customer Support team. It opened up the possibility of having a heartfelt conversation and getting to know each other better.
  • We wished to know our clients intimately, and a face to face interaction accorded that to us. Similarly, our customers got to know about the people behind Zepo and its culture, and what Zepo stood for as a brand.

What prompted us to have this event in the first place? The following reasons formed our rationale:

  • To allow the CS team to do a deep dive into the mind of an entrepreneur, and think from a client’s perspective. It would enable the team at Zepo to better understand our clients and offer organic and streamlined solutions to our client’s challenges. Thinking like our clients would help us deliver better results by aligning our efforts with their expectations.
  • To generate an honest reflection of the whole “Zepo Experience” so far. We wanted our clients to let us know how they felt about using the Zepo platform and generate useful insights. Their feedback was to serve as the primary inputs that would help us go back to the drawing board and chart up the positives and negatives straight from the horse's mouth.
  • To establish a meaningful client-partner relationship. We wanted to connect with our clients on a more personal level, and having a deep conversation about anything under the sun helped us do exactly that. This event was to serve as the start of a hopefully long and prosperous journey. Establishing a human persona behind the brand through physical interaction would help endear Zepo in the minds of our clients.

Some of the Companies in Attendance were:


It was a superb learning experience for all of us at Zepo. Our collective interaction with so many talented individuals inspired us to achieve more at work. Their stories reminded us that passion and hard work have no substitute. Kudos to all the Indie business Superstars. Read on to know about 3 such entrepreneurs and their fascinating st....

This post was originally published by Priyam Jha for the Zepo Blog: The ecommerce store for small and medium enterprises.

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