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As you all know, there are numerous ways I can book a table in a good restaurant. There are some start-ups who are also providing this as a service. However, there is one problem which all the customers face is the uncertainty of which table. Very rarely we get the table of our choice and always wish, if we had got "that" particular table with a great view or placement. 

We plan to solve this problem with a  technological solution where the customer get to choose the table of his choice based on certain details provided at the time of booking. Can not share more on this forum for confidentiality reasons.

If this idea makes sense to you and willing to join as a cofounder, kindly reply to this message. I am currently looking for cofounders in multiple areas. 



P.S. I am not looking for webdesign or any such work to be completed as part of this thread.

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Good thought. Can explore

Whatsapp me on 9595629851. 


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